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There is a new book in print.

This book is titled 'Take Them at Their Words', and is a compilation of quotes from the Republican side of the fence: you can read more about it at Amazon.

Some of this is just fucking chilling. In fairness, it's quite out-of-context, though I have difficulty finding any context in which saying 'I think abortion doctors should be killed' is an appropriate thing for any standard of responsible public broadcast- let alone an appropriate thing to be said by any Christian, who has this whole 'thou shalt not kill' thing tailing him around.

But one of the quotes from this book that Salon.com put up has me SCREAMING with laughter as I clutch my head:
"Kurt Cobain died of a drug-induced suicide, I just -- he was a worthless shred of human debris."
-- Rush Limbaugh, Lumberjackonline.com, 4/8/94

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