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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

I'm calling it now.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

I'm calling it now.

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mucha mosaic
April 17, 2006, I intend to throw a party.
Turn of the century (as in 190_) garb.
black tie, gentlemen.

Yes, I understand that it will be a Monday evening.

However, the 18th will be the 100th anniversary of the Great Earthquake and Fire of San Francisco. I have all intention of going down to Lotta's Fountain and drinking Bloody Marys @ 5:12 AM, and you may join me in this if you wish.

DIBS, dammit.
  • Does this require us to burn down any part of the party? ;)
  • I can make a baked alaska.

    I am so there. I have always wanted to do the Lotta's Fountain thing. I can have a real costume up by then as well.

    • Indeed- part of posting it this far out is to give people time to cobble together Edwardian period garb because, well, that's going to be a fucking right royal bitch.
      • Oh, God, having looked at it - yes. The men aren't in quite as much trouble, but... Jesus fishes, that era isn't made for scrawny chicks. I may honor the ancestors and do male firefighter period garb instead; less scary than full women's costume of the well-to-do and more fun than Irish washerwoman, even if it's what great-grandma Jane probably was.

  • i'll tentatively plan to be there. my schedule for 2006 is currently wide open, but is subject to change.

    • Another reason to plan it this far out. :)
      There will be invitations, and RSVPs, and the like, however. For I intend to do a dinner party, drinking, and then staggering to the fountain.
  • You won't be too pissed if I have a mimosa instead?

    Maybe we can find Champagne from 1906.

    That'll be a long night.
    • You'll be in a crowd of people drinking the traditional Bloody Mary, @ 5:12. Do you REALLY want to risk life and limb like that?
    • Does it mean something that Bloody Mary is one of my favourite drinks?

      Is it fate that I've bought the U Beaut Sewing Machine From Hell, and that I've already done this year's costume, I've got next year's costume all planned out (Snape's dress robes) but I had NOTHING planned for a sewing project for 2006?

      So. Very. Fucking. There.

      Memorandum: start searching for Edwardian patterns.
    • I've never actually consumed a bloody mary.
  • Turn of which century?
  • you're my hero.

    and as long as you're planning so early, do be aware:
    this past year, there were no bloody marys provided by the St. Francis Hook & Ladder Club. I slept in and missed the whole thing, thank god, because I would have been horribly, horribly disappointed had I shown up.
    (although it seems that some people did actually attempt to fill the bloody mary void, bless them.)
    so anyway- just in case, remember to pack some celery! I'll bring the vodka...
    see you there!
  • I will be there. I'll even take a sip of a Bloody Mary, and I loathe, loathe, loathe tomato juice.

    Would firedancing be appropriate? I don't think I can manage period woman's dress and firedancing, unless it's one of Lotta's dancehall dresses.

    If this plans to be a dinner party - I don't know if the recipes are period-appropriate, but I volunteer my services and the San Francisco Firemen's Cookbook, which is well-suited to feeding an entire brigade of company. I could make a very large pot of grandfather's firehouse soup and we could have a potluck picnic at the fountain, even.

    And I want to hear Caruso.
    • Huh. you know, a firebrigade theme for food would be proper wouldn't it...
      • I rather think so.

        A few suggestions from the cookbook:
        Oxtail barley soup (this one I'm making like it or not; it's Grandpa's)

        Portable food:
        Boccone frittatas on sourdough
        Rice tortas
        Italian Bruno's special sub
        Cold slices of Napoletana sausage pie
        Veal-sausage brochettes (sub in turkey for veal)
        Airport cioppino, perhaps
        Kermoian's Armenian Pilaff
        Baked stuffed potatoes LaVoie
        Chief Murray's Italian 'Gravy' over pasta
        Airport Mac's Meatball Sauce Lasagne
        From-scratch potato gnocchi
        Captain Locke's enchiladas with Spanish rice

        Abalone would seem apropriate, but damn expensive these days (this cookbook dates from 1965).

        Or barbecue - Hoisin Dong Kee spareribs and a couple of firehouse sauces for chicken or whatever, shishkebabs Armenian... maybe good Italian sausages.

        And brunch afterwards, perhaps:
        Beer buttermilk pancakes
        Brunch frittatas
        Scottish potato scones
        Eggs Florentine with ham and pineapple on the side
        Streusel coffee cake

        Apple torte a la mode
        Velvet devil's food cake with coffee fudge frosting
        Cheesecake with chocolate sprinkles

        ...damnit, now I'm starving.

        The M4dh4tt3r also owns a copy of this cookbook, and may be a real live smokejumper by then, and he can cook.
  • Yeah, we'll be there. That much notice, we can find costumes.

    We could book ahead...
  • You do realize, with this much notice, even seismic and I can probably be there, which is mildly scary. *eyes piles of fabric* They've just been waiting for something like this, you realize.
    • Hell, I've been trying to figure out how to get moved out there by then. At the very least we can attempt to do my birthday week in San Francisco (which would coincide nicely).
  • Wel...

    I may be spinning that evening (morning) - I'll get back to you on that. Put me down for a defnite maybe, tho...

  • Okay, that's way cool.
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