I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

I fail to understand the lionization.

If you're an avowed liberal, why the fuck the huge displays of sorrow at the death of Ronald Reagan, the arch-conservative idiot? Christ on a crutch, I knew this man was a moron when I was ten years old.

If you're a Californian who is violently dissatisfied with the impoverished state of your public government enough to vote to recall a sitting Governor, you have no fucking right to shed tears over the death of the man who spent this state into the ground.

If you're an American who is troubled by the Religious Right's efforts to take over the Republican party and the government of the nation- you should perhaps take this opportunity to remember who brought us the Religious Right's efforts to take over the Republican party and the nation.

Sure, it's sad that he had Alzheimer's. It's sad that anyone has Alzheimer's. It's sad that he faded away so far down- he didn't just shuffle off, he sort of ebbed down a drainhole.

But good god. The man's legislative agenda from 1980 - 1988 demonstrates a gleeful willingness to condemn the spouses and loved ones of HIV victims to sit and helplessly watch their loved ones die. I dunno. 83 years is a decent span of time to live (yes, I'm not counting the Alzheimer's years). And my morbid sense of humor can't help but think- is the 10 years (or however long Nancy sat and watched him shuffle off this mortal coil) he had with Alzheimer's roughly equivalent to the amount of time spent suffering HIV and dying, by over 144,000 Americans whom he could have tried to help, as president?
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