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books started in May

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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books started in May

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1-7: Stephen Brust, Jhereg, Yendi, Teckla, Taltos, Phoenix, Athyra, Orca
Years back, spooky_lemur recommended these to me. I read one and didn't think much of it.
I was a dolt. These are fun. They're popcorn: they're not Great Literature. This does not stop them from being highly entertaining.
Bears note that these are available in 3 omnibus editions now.

8: Paul Rudnick, Social Disease
How can I argue with a sendup of the New York club scene that dates back 20 years? And Rudnick is a funny funny man. I love this novel: bought a new copy of it because my old one had gotten snagged.

9: Julian May, Conqueror Moon
May is a really masterful storyteller: she's able to dive into a completely trite fantasy world and come up with a really solid, and intriguing, book. I think what makes her work is that her characters react in ways that feel familiar- as opposed to I am The Hero of Magic and Wonder- they're ordinary folks, in an extraordinary place.

10: Clamp, XxxHolic vol. 1 (manga)
This manga is an interestingly beautiful piece of work; what I find especially lovely about it is that the artwork owes a great deal to Art Nouveau, but is decidedly manga-like. It's also sorta funny.

11 & 12: Natsuki Takaya, Fruits Basket vols. 1 & 2.
Interesting reading- it feels a little more personal than the TV show did. I'm really pleased as punch with Bantam's new manga translation line, too: they do good work (this and the Clamp above). Thanks to fallencathedral for mentioning these!
  • Hah! They are fun, aren't they? There were one or two of the series that I didn't like much, in comparison with the others, but they were all entertaining - I'll give them that.

    I need to start keeping a list of the books I read each month. I think I could learn a lot from keeping track.
  • If you enjoyed those and like Dumas, I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY did I mention REALLY recommend The Phoenix Guards, 500 Years After, and the trilogy he's done most recently (The Viscount of Adrilankha, Paths of the Dead, & Sethra Lavode).
    He does DELICIOUS Dumas pastiche.
    • Those are on my short list of Must Reads. It's just that I read the first 6 Vlad books last month and don't want to read too much of an author in one sitting, if you know what I mean.

      Soon. Many people are telling me the same as you, so soon.
      • I'll put it this way:

        I read Jhereg 10 years ago. Hated it so much I didn't touch another Brust solo novel until a coworker said "Here is $5. There is a copy of 500 Years After that is priced at $5. BUY IT. I KNOW you will like it."]
        Reading that book took me through the 5 I mentioned in prior post, and the 7 preceding ones.
        Yes, he does it THAT well.
  • also:
    I'm keeping track because cheekytubemouse does: I found it an interesting thing to watch what she read over last year, and so I decided I'd do it this year. Besides, I'm morbidly curious how much too much I read. :)
    If you need to look for more journal entries about what I've read, there's a category in my memories named 'Books 2004', which is probably pretty self-explanatory.
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