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Prizoner of Azakabanistanranramalamadingdong thoughts.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Prizoner of Azakabanistanranramalamadingdong thoughts.

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mucha mosaic
There weren't spoilers, but I answered a direct question that I couldn't without spoilering, so make ye not with the clicky-clicky if you have not yet seen the movie.

I liked the look of the film, even though the print we saw looked like it had been through Gulf War II.
I rather liked Gambon's Dumbledore: he does the distracted and sort of fumble-bumble thing nicely. As the housemate pointed out, though, there is a lack of the feeling of Dumbledore being Harry's grandparent-proxy.
The new sets were fucking amazing. Part of this is because I am really kinky for open-work timepieces and orreries- however, there were a lot of changes to the set, and I think they were distinctly beneficial. The presence of hills on a campus that's somewhere in Scotland, for example. This pleased me enormously.
I thought that the performances of the actors who had appeared in other films were superior, in general- and David Thewliss was great, as was Gary Oldman.
Foreshadowing for books four and five exists- and I had to ask someone who had recently read the third book if I had just MISSED IT ALL READING IT.
I had.
There were some lacks- for me, the biggest lack was the brevity of Maggie Smith's presence. You can't have too much Maggie Smith for my money.
It did seem a lot more... real than the Chris Columbus movies, though. More tangible, more like real life. Less like some idealized set-piece that was more focal to the film than the actors.
  • I need to see it again, clearly, and at a more conscious hour than midnight.

    I missed the foreshadowing altogether, or my subconscious just hasn't seen fit to share it.

    I too dig the clock gears and other neatnesses. I loved the locking of the Hogwarts doors scene, for instance.

    Tell me, tell me, do?


    I know Diggory made an appearance in this movie, but that's the only foreshadowing I can think of.

    • 3 things:

      A) LOTS of Neville.
      Lots of information about Neville.

      B) Trelawney.

      C) Sirius talking about 'when you love someone they're never gone, they're always in your heart' yaddayadda.
      • Re: 3 things:

        All the info about Neville was in the third book.

        And yes, Sirus line I do remember now as giving me a choked-up because of what happens later.

    • Also: if we saw Diggory, then you've scooped IMDB. Where do we see him- one of the Hufflepuff team that Gryffindor's playing in the quidditch match-let?
      • It was the match against Hufflepuff, and Diggory was the other seeker in the scene where Harry falls off the broom due to Dementor reaction.

        In the book, Diggory feels bad that Harry got hurt and wants to give up the victory but Hufflepuff won fair and square.

        It's not like we heard any announcements or anything to indicate it was him, but the logic of the book dictates it could've been no one else. I could be mistaken, but...
        • Duh- I'd forgotten he was Hufflepuff's Seeker.

          Yeah, that should be him, then-- though I bet that it's not the same actor they use in the 4th movie.

          It troubles me how much of the Quidditch stuff they cut, frankly: this was supposed to be Oliver's big season and off he goes to be a professional, neh?
      • That was one of the reasons this movie so worried me. Cuaron had gone on record early as saying he didn't much care for Quidditch at all, and so would be cutting it out of the movie altogether.

        I see he had to relent a little bit, though. As that was one of the pivotal scenes of the book, Harry's fall.

      • Well, while the missing quidditch scenes are a bummer, this movie was the first in which what they showed of quidditch didn't look (to me) colossally lame. And I'd rather see only a very little that was not disappointing than see a lot and roll my eyes.
        • a very solid point, to be sure. What we DID get did not look in any way lame.
  • I'm looking forward to seeing the movie and yes, I noticed some major changes in Dumbledore AND the sets (thank heavens for A&E's first look series!). SO excited.

    Also, I was thinking of you today...Bravo (I think it was) had an interesting documentary entitled Bollywood Bound, about Canadian citizens of Indian ancestry going back to India to get work in Bollywood films. Only an hour long, but a very, very interesting look at things.
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