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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

For those of you whom I gave shit about finding Natalie Portman hot...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

For those of you whom I gave shit about finding Natalie Portman hot...

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mucha mosaic
...you may feel vindicated that I have decided that Tom Felton (the fellow who plays Draco in the Harry Potter movies) is entirely too hot to be as young as he is.

My apologies for any offense given to my Natalie-Portman-ogling friends who are currently over 25. Crow is a dish best served cold, apparently.
  • I was safe from the initial shit (apparently) being only just barely 25. That said, she is very definitely hot. So very, very hot. Drool.
    • She is, indeed, a very pretty young woman.
      • And in addition to that, it appears from the choices she's made and the things she's said in interviews that she is quite intelligent and practical and down to earth.

        Did I mention the part where I drool?
  • Portman was sorta cute in "The Professional", but for some reason I don't care either way now that she's grown up. Might be the bitter taste of the steaming pile of shit a certain Portman-starring franchise has turned into.

    That may mean I have latent pedophilia, I don't know.

    However, Emmy Rossum, juicy (un)natural disaster survivor of "The Day After Tomorrow", is capital H ha-ha-hot.
  • Yes, they're both unfairly gorgeous for people over 25.

    No fair.
  • Hasn't it also been determined that you attract underage hottie boys like nobody's business, too? Maybe you should meet...
  • Please tell me you're not into Arron Carter (sp)

    Please tell this has something to do with being an Anglophile.

    Sadly, I must say that Natile Portman was hot in the Professional. I will admit this is prolly cause as a 12 year old girl she resembles many animie and video game ingenues. I am not sure which is worse really.
    • It's certainly more the anglophilia than Aaron Carter. He does less than nothing for me, just like his big brother.
  • Crow is a dish best served cold, apparently.

    My dear... excuse me, but Crow is very, very hot. *preens self*
  • Hey, listen, Natalie Portman is just days away from being 23, which one would round up to 25 if one were rounding to the nearest multiple of five, which makes her mid-twenties, and hence of legal ogling age.

    Convoluted rationalization? Moi?
    • I suppose his point is that the ogling, and thus the giving of crap, commenced some years back, when the above was not the case.

  • werd up.

    What you have said, is it not true? This 35 year old has lust in the heart. Lust, I say.
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