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I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
For those of you who read my journal regularly, you probably realize that I spend a great deal of time and money on books. I tend, when I know it's not terribly rare, or something Just New In Print, to pick things up used: halving the price is always good.

About 4 days ago I cracked a copy of 'The Book Of Athyra'- 3rd of omnibus editions of Stephen Brust's Vlad Taltos novels. Picked this book up for $7.

read read read. Today, went to the bathroom with it, flip flip, drop my bookmark and go skimming through the book looking for where I left off.

Anybody wanna guess how much money the bookseller paid me to take this book, by not flipping through it before shelving it?
  • what! there was money stuck between the pages????
    • yep, someone had stashed some cash in the book and not paid attention when he or she sold it.
    • i'm thinking more than 5- 20's is too bulky and noticeable so i would have guesses a c note. but since you dont give it up on the other comments. then i'll guess $80.- or 2 C notes.

      damn, this is turning into a day where i envy more than just my parents trip. =P
  • I guess you got the book for free and made a nice profit of... let's say 13 dollars?
    • more than that. :)
    • (no subject) -
    • I'd say 100 then. :)

      We don't use books to hide money. We lend books often and have a bad memory so hiding money in them is, as you just saw, a bad idea.

      • Nope. :)
        • I think I just changed my feelings, from being happy for you to pure envy. You are very lucky!

          $1,000? I was just going to kid about that because it's, to me, an insanely high amount of money to be hidden in book.
          • nope, not 1000.

            the bookseller paid me $293 to take the book out of his shop, basically. Hee.
      • It's official. I'm envious. Can I borrow your snake Icon to wear today? I suits my mood... *grin*

        That's half my month's pay. I would be crying if I had lost that much money.

        Congratulations! That would buy here 10 beer six packs, 10 big pizzas from Domino's and you'd still have 85 dollars to do as you please. Or you could fill you car's tank 10 times. :)
      • Sweet!

        Aaron's dad gave him his two old crusty volumes of Gibbons' The Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire. After a year of gathering dust on the shelf, the first volume was cracked open to reveal a fifty. Aaron's parents are pretty generous anyway, so we dined out that night. ;)
  • My dad used to use his driver's license as a bookmark. Then he lost it in a library book (of course).

    Years later, he checked out the same book and his license was still in it.
  • $40
  • You lucky sod! Glad you didn't drop it all in the toilet.
  • No idea, but... score!
  • One meeeeellion dollars!
  • Nice work.

    A guy came into the LA County E/R once, stabbed in (as it turned out) the left kidney. In the course of the interview, I learned he had no friends or relatives in town. He handed me $226 that he had in his pocket - it wasn't a robbery; very odd, someone stabbed him as he waited in line to get an egg sandwich before work in the morning.

    Anyway, he died, so I never got a chance to give it back to him. I blew it on booze and strippers in his memory. Your story is better because presumably no one dies!
    • Your story is better because presumably no one dies!

      I think that's a selling point of your story!
      • I also think ikkyu2's story is far far more memorable.
        But I frankly think he tells better stories anyways.
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