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So I bought a poster from allposters.com recently.
It cost $40 (which included the shipping, in fairness. However, the shipping was a total distance of 60 miles).

This poster is a reproduction of a particularly favorite Mucha poster of mine: click here to see it.

This reproduction- the cheaper of the two they sell- is really fucking pathetically bad. I bought the cheaper because the colors looked more saturated: the more expensive one looks quite washed out.

1: It's expensively produced, no question on that- but the colors are all blotchy-- like they just gleefully used a computer to blow up a 14" tall original to 3' tall, or something. By 'all blotchy', I mean 'the damn colors are so screwed up that you lose pen-and-ink details to them here and there'

2: The image isn't even fucking centered on the sheet- and it's reproduced bigger than the paper that it's printed on. So one edge of the 'framing' drawn into the poster is, in fact, gone. Not BOTH edges, no no- one.

I cannot justify spending money framing this.
I'm going to ask if I can perhaps exchange it for the slightly less expensive rendition of the image, in the hopes that it will actually be as-represented, rather than this mess.


In fairness: they have a $-back guarantee. I think I'm possibly still out the shipping costs, but it's a far smaller loss of money.
And I am going to see how they respond to a query about the other rendition of this print they offer- the slightly MORE expensive one, if it's not all blotchy and incomplete and ech, would be a worthwhile investment.
So, there will be more data.

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