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stayed up a bit late.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

stayed up a bit late.

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Watched the tail end of Babylon 5- I never got to see the final season, save for one episode.

Most of it wasn't that great, honestly. But the final episode is something... just something else.

  • I wasn't impressed the first three seasons. I didn't get the dig on for B5 until nearly the end of season 3. And I almost gave up there because they had the superpredictable Melissa Gilbert moment. But I watched until the end and just whoa.
  • It'd been a year or so since I'd watched B5 - I'd been unable to see most of Season 5 for some reason, so when I finally got to _Sleeping in Light_, oh man. I cried all the way through it. :)
  • You can sort of tell that they were threatening Strasynscki (sp) with not giving him a fifth season contract, and so they crammed a lot of stuff into the fourth season and then the fifth was a little slenderized.

    But yeah. That episode ... wow. I look forward to watching them all again. Stupid DVD drive/drivers/software/whatever failure has cut off my Netflix-supplied addiction halfway through season 2.
  • A bit of trivia that you may not know:

    Sleeping In Light was filmed as part of the 4th season, originally. At the time they didn't know if there was going to be a 5th season, so they filmed SiL then. Then they found out there was going to be a 5th, so they filmed Deconstruction of Falling Stars (the one that jumps ahead to n years in the future, for several n) to be the last ep of 4 and kept SiL in the can for over a year. And it was worth waiting every second for it.
    • ah-hah. That explains why the pacing of it stood out as a bit different from the rest of season 5.

      I'd love to see what JMS' original plotline for 5 seasons looked like. I remember looking at the thing on Londo's shoulder and going '...that seems like it's not quite how it was supposed to look' (so to speak).

      Thanks for the info!
      • From what I remember browsing the lurker's guide (if you haven't seen it, RUN to google and punch in "lurker's guide to Babylon 5"):

        JMS divided the episodes into two kinds: standalone and 'arc' episodes-- arc being episodes that advanced the overall 5-season story arc. Originally the plan was that season 1 would be roughly 20 percent arc eps, 2 would be 40 percent, 3 60, 4 80, and season 5 would be 100 percent arc.

        Originally Delenn was going to have a sex change, not a species change, at the end of season 1. But they couldn't get her male voice to work properly and figured rather than make season 1 sound bad just for that bit of arc, he figured out something different instead. Similarly, he had no plans to switch station captains at the start of season 2, but it ended up working out that way. Also, originally the first officer in the pilot was supposed to be in the series for the first couple of seasons, then be revealed as a conspirator and removed, advancing Ivanova to 1st officer. But he couldn't get her for the series, so that part of the arc got transferred to Talia (the blonde telepath) instead.

        As part of the remaking of the 4th season in light of the possibility of there not being a 5th, 4 story arcs got pushed ahead from season 5 to season 4. Season 4 was planned to end with the ep where Sheridan is being interrogated. That, plus Claudia Christian leaving the show, is what helped gut the 5th season, unfortunately. He had to introduce a new character plus try to figure out what to do with her place in things, at the last minute. (One of the 5th season episodes was supposed to be The Long Night of (I-forget-her-character's-first-name) Ivanova instead of Londo Mollari, for example).

        There's lots more but that's all I can remember off the top of my head on a Friday afternoon.
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