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So the lovely Eric Idle decided he didn't much care for the FCC's regulation of free speech, and he wrote a song about it (not at all work-safe).
How would you like for this song to be the not-very-worksafe commentary that comes up when you type 'Bush administration' into Google?
it's easy!

Type the following into your journal:
<a href="http://www.pythonline.com/plugs/idle/FCCSong.mp3">Bush Administration</a>
and you'll come up with:
Bush Administration

You may want to warn people it's not worksafe, of course.
Won't this be fun?
  • If I recall correctly, lj entries are no indexed by default due to various meta tags and robots.txt rules.

    There is a setting in the control panel to allow Google indexing. http://www.livejournal.com/editinfo.bml The box (Block Robots/Spiders from indexing your journal) should be unchecked.

    With out this, the effort is wasted.
  • I always find it funny when people blame the Bush administration for the FCC's recent anal-retentiveness, since the chairman of the FCC is a long-time Democrat.
    • Yeah, it's another fine example of the sorts of laws that qualify as big government.
      I'd probably qualify myself more as a Democrat who's anti-big-government, Democratic or Republican.
      • Agreed. I view myself as more of a libertarian/conservative Republican, and since government almost always tends to restricting freedom instead of enhancing it, I'm very much anti-big-government. I do wish that the grumbling against the FCC that I'm seeing on right-wing blogs would actually make it up the political food chain to Republicans in office, but I fear I'm doomed to disappointment on that one.
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