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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Van Helsing could've been a worse movie.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Van Helsing could've been a worse movie.

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scared of you.
But it would've required serious effort.

This fucker stinks. There's some gorgeous special effects, but otherwise, nothing.
in 2.5 hours.
Go to a matinee, if you feel you must go.
  • stinks sooo bad i can't stop talking about it.

    didn't you expect them to just fall into song and dance at any point, yet, that part never came?
    • What really bugged me was: there were moments- even entire minutes- of absolute beauty.
      When it worked it worked exquisitely.
      I also found the dramatic shift in portayal of Dr. Frankenstein's monster fascinating.
      But overall, I sat through 2 hours too much of that film.
  • I've found that people either love it or loathe it. However, it sounds like I made the right decision in simply renting Kill Bill Volume 1 last night.
    • I think it could've stood to be about 45 minutes shorter. The best way they had of doing that would've been to cut out the 'plot'. Which really was only there to piss me off, anyways, so.
      It WAS beautiful. The music was exquisite. I'd love to see somebody with a brain run with some of the ideas that they sorta tossed off in this.
  • I loved it, but I adore deliberately cheesy movies. They're fun to watch and mock, and mocking them doesn't increase the simple cheese enjoyment factor later.

    I didn't care for the Mummy films, but liked Van Helsing. It went that extra little bit mile and a half into camp and humor (without getting into, say, the Airplane level of slapstick), and it seemed to make all the difference.
    • I was especially touched by the finale.
      Very touched.
      No wait, that's the wrong word. What am I thinking of?
      Nauseated. That's it.
      • Yes, I completely agree with you there. I was looking over at Bri with the, "Oh, please, they really didn't need to go there at all, no, not that... " look at the end.

        A number of the elements in the movie were tips of the hat to older movies, and yeah, that's a staple of some older films... but it's one they should have let die, because it deserves to.
  • did it at least look (we're talking primarily costumes, but generally speaking, look here means, if i turned off the sound and played music over it and just watched it that way) cool enough that i should netflix it eventually?

    whaddya think?
  • My thoughts on the debacle are here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/lethran/193573.html?mode=reply
  • You'll probably find this worth a grin or two.
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