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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Because it merits note

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Because it merits note

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mucha mosaic
Happy 100th Birthday, Salvador!

  • what was he smoking?

  • yes!

  • Dali is one of the very few painters (if not the only one) whose art I'm able to recognize. My favorite is (and I don't even know the names of his paintings) one in which clocks hang of dead tree's branches, sort of melting. There's another one with a hand holding a pen and some words written around it. I'm not very sure, but I think that one has a melting clock in it too. I seem to have a thing for melting clocks.
  • I may live in a backwards pit full o' rednecks, but we do have the Dali Museum right next door in St. Pete.
    • When things in Florida are cool, they are extremely cool. I have noticed this as well.
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