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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Oh yes.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Oh yes.

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mucha mosaic

I had given up on ever finding a reproduction of this poster for under oh $250.
I just found it for $40ish, with shipping.
I am a happy happy little beast. And I have to decide what I'm taking down in my bedroom, now.
Because it's 12"x36".
  • Fantastic!
    This is gorgeous--!!
    If you ever find Mucha's "Danse" for cheap, lemme know. *pines*
    • allposters.com doesn't seem to have it (that's where I found this). I'll keep my eyes open for ya, though. :)
    • oh Allposters DOES appear to have it,

      only 10-by-12.
    • Mucha posters

      Try barewalls.com, they seem to have many sizes/versions. Art.com is good also.

      I was looking at friends-of-friends' lists, and I had to stop for the Mucha, as you may guess.
  • Squee! And congratulations! I may have to get one for myself. (Why not have two?)
  • The Sarahs are probably my favorites -- I more than empathize! I'd love to have a set of them, ringing a room.

    Sadly, I, too, am mostly out of wall. Between the bookcases, the prints we have around, and the ones I'm starting to churn out that demand to be put up, there's no room.
    • And this one, of the Sarahs, is perhaps the least-reproduced. And of course, it's my favorite of them.
  • (no subject) -
    • Yes, I knew Sarah Bernhardt was the lead in this production, but didn't know that they had an original print of it @ the Crocker Art museum. Thanks!
  • shit, you should have said something earlier... i've known about allposters for some time, did some work with them back in the day.
    • hee. I didn't know they had it- and I'd exhausted every other damn possibility, looking for it, a year ago, and had assumed I just needed to save up for one of the 1920s reproductions.
      Then last night I was tiredly looking for Dali images to throw up in this morning's post, and typed 'posters.com' and BAM, allposters. Browsed Dali images, and went 'on the off chance...'
      and there it was. :)
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