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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Why on earth do I have this particular song off Queen Elvis stuck in…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

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mucha mosaic
Why on earth do I have this particular song off Queen Elvis stuck in my head? Specifically one verse of it:

Yesterday I saw the devil in the nude.
It was embarassing, I turned away.
He was leering in the mirror when I looked again.

I think I have to blame docbrite for this, as she quoted a line out of said song in a recent post, and I just sort of glossed that. Though it is curious that blackthorne6 and docbrite both thought of this selfsame song within a few hours of each other.
I mean heck, it's not like 'The Devil's Coachman' is a track that gets much airplay or anything. You kinda have to be a Robyn Hitchcock fan to have heard it.
  • Realizing that you look pretty good but simultaneously feeling guilty for indulging such vanity? Cheers!
  • wierd..

    this will mean nothing..but on saturday that was stuck in my head also.
    No lie!!!
    • Re: wierd..

      I think I saw the mention..and forgot that I saw it!!!
      That explains alot.
      I love RH.
      I listened to "Groovy Decoy" all day yesterday while I cleaned house and cooked.
      • Re: wierd..

        Ah-hah. And here I had thought of this synchronicity as a symbol that you and she were both surrounded by a web of interstitial maroon energies that interlaced delicately between your two wet, meaty psyches, the value of the pound sterling, and a tin of devilled ham named George.

        --hey, that's not bad for improvisational RobynHitchcockbabble, on reflection.
  • I guess this is a good place to respond and say hello - I'm a huge RH fan, obviously!

    I also found you via friend-of - we have lots of folks in common! We also both live in SF, and you appear to have excellent taste in music and men. :)

    The tattoo you asked about is mine, actually; it's a large piece, on my left leg. I'm glad you like it; I'm quite proud of it!

    I've been enjoying reading you lately - we have much in common. Nice to meet you!
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