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Why in the hell does anybody care about Fucking Friends.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Why in the hell does anybody care about Fucking Friends.

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mucha mosaic
Breathy hype and uninspired finale aside, "Friends" will still be remembered as a fresh, intelligent snapshot of the times.
Good god, Salon really likes sucking NBC off, don't they. I know there's some form of partnership or other there, but good christ. 'remembered as... intelligent'. Oh it will, will it? And by whom, pray tell?
It will always be remembered by me as a stupid sitcom with a completely implausible premise that only got more implausible as the years went by.

Let's examine the evidence.
Friends Implausibility #2: 4 people couldn't find a loft-style apartment in that neighborhood for even three times the rent they could reasonably pay. Because, well, NOBODY BUILT ANYTHING THAT COULD BE CONVERTED INTO A LOFT IN THAT AREA, IN THE PAST 200 YEARS.
Friends Implausibility #3: It was on the air for what, TEN YEARS? They'd've found a better cafe. Or different cafes, somewhere to go when they dont' want to deal with each other. Nobody, in the world of Friends, has downtime. And yet there's never a psychotic break. IT IS A MYSTERY.
Friends Implausibility #4: Nobody ever stabbed any of these characters in the face until all anybody could see was red.
Friends Implausibility #5: Joey, who is an actor, lives in New York City. Apparently is able to afford an expensive apartment, so he must be a successful actor. Yet never has a role, never auditions, and always is well-rested and socially available. So he's an out-of-work actor. ANOTHER MYSTERY.
Friends Implausibility #6: You're not going to be deprived. This repetitive little abomination is going to run in syndication at least twice daily in every major television market. Yet I am supposed to give a ringtailed rambling fuck about it 'going off the air forever and ever'. No it's not off the air forever. WE SHOULD BE SO LUCKY.
  • Yay! Be savage! Be vicious! I for one have never cared about Friends, and I'm sick of the hype over its way overdue demise!
    • As I just commented to Rick,
      the show did have ONE thing going for it. But they kept putting Matt LeBlanc in clothes. And goddamnit if I'm sitting in front of the set forced to watch this thing, without even the option of chewing off my own limbs in a desperate bid to escape, then I want naked male flesh.
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  • when we were home for the holidays, my sister and i were flipping channels. she landed on a "friends" rerun and stopped flipping.

    me: what's the appeal of this show, anyway? as art, it leaves much to be desired. as social commentary, it distorts reality. as humor, it's only funny in spite of itself. what gives?
    sis: it's about the characters. people watch it because they identify with them, or want to.
    me: okay, fine. but how about, instead of wanting to identify with characters in a fictional tv program called "friends," INTERACT with REAL FRIENDS?
    sis: you liberal snob. (turns up volume on tv)

  • I never watched Friends, but in the interest of Salon partisanship I should point out that they ran a deliciously harsh article yesterday listing various staff members' reasons why they quit watching it ages ago. Today they followed up with readers' mail on the same topic. They promised us a review of the finale for today, and instead Heather H. gave us a mostly-positive look back at the show as a whole. So that's not the whole picture.
  • I never really had anything against Friends up til recently. It was lightweight and ludicrous and pretty easy to ignore. But seeing the extent of the news coverage and the fucking BLOCK parties that gathered to watch the finale just overloaded my tripe sensors.

    a) People are publically mourning a TV show from whence the actors are walking away millionaires. Excuse me, didn't some of our soldiers just commit horrible atrocities to innocent civilians overseas? And they choose to be broken up over THIS?
    b) Some very dear RL friends of mine are moving away within the next two months, to Oregon, Alberta and London. Granted, none of them are ten-year emotional investments (six years at most), but they're actual human beings that I have touched and bonded with, and neither will I be seeing any of them on TV in endless syndication, so forgive me if I view the heartfelt outpouring of Friends fans across America as a wee bit shallow.

    I give them all head-bitey!
  • I'm glad it's gone. I was sick and tired of it. I never got it in the first place and i think it's representative of today's T.V. viewer's inability to process anything beyond a tame toilet humor.

    What the fuck was so special about them annyway. ON Howard Stern, they played back interviews of people crying CRYING!!

    All of the savagery in the world...and they're crying over a make-believe world. Arrgh!
  • This just goes to show how out of touch I am with the world.
    I thought that show went off the air a couple years ago.
    I once had a roommate that LOVED the show. In fact, she was a roommate of yours at one time too. I don't think anything more needs to be said of the typical intellectual capacity of the average viewer.
    I did watch the show myself at times. It was great after a day of school and work. I could turn my brain off and not have a single thought flit through my brain for half an hour.
    • I had forgotten that said ex-roommate was a big fan- or just not caught it at the time; our television viewing habits almost completely failed to overlap.
      But I can't shut my brain off. Really. It keeps me awake at nights nattering to me about the book I'm currently reading, and the parallels with experiences I've had, and who ought to play whom in a film version, and whether there's anything there I should steal for the book I'm writing.
  • Joey never did float the rent for his apartment until he was successful in his acting 'career'. Up until then, he was Chandler's kept man. :)
  • I never watched it. My former roommate followed it for years. It bored the piss out of me whenever it was on in my presence. Much like on Seinfeld, nothing ever happened. It was just annoying, psychotic caricatures colliding with each other.

    But then, much like in Fahrenheit 451, we can't live without the people who live in the walls.

    See, the deal is, it doesn't have to be funny, or make any sense. Friends is kind of a prototype of reality TV. You just watch people with much more interesting lives than you, preferably affluent, non-ethnic people, because that's your target audience. Eventually someone hit upon the idea of using ordinary slobs intead of actors, and 'reality TV' was born.

    Of course, we know that reality TV is not all that real, but given what we know about the willingness of the entertainment industry to take chances, you wouldn't expect a huge leap from what's come before, would you? The step from Friends to Survivor is much smaller than it may at first appear.
    • I never watched Friends or Seinfeld because they were both lame and annoying enough that I always left the room if someone insisted on watching them.
  • The show sucked. People are detatched from actual priorities. In other news, the sky is blue, and pigs continue to lack wings.
  • I'm with Jon Stewart: I've never seen the show, and I'm still sick of it.

  • I think you've encapsulated all the ranting I've done about this show over the last few years better than I ever could.

    The show's portrayal of "friends" has about the same correlation to actual human relationships as a presidential press conference's relation to reality.

    You sir, as the kids say these days, RAWK.
  • In a word, YAY!
  • Bravo, sir.

    Thank something I don't own a telly.

    And goddamnit, I miss M*A*S*H. Or even Cheers, by comparison. Cheers was rooted in grimy, poverty-stricken cruel reality by comparison to Friends.

    Tell me, since I ws out of the country: is this really worse than when 90210 was in its final throes?

    Wait, I have an idea: Let's have major cast members of former sitcoms battle it out, Survivor-style! I think the Cheers cast could take Friends, even at their advancing ages and girths (hell, sit on the little wretches). Or Roseanne's show - the Roseanne cast would eat Friends and roast them raw over a fire.
  • My favorite friend is shemp.

    I don't have TV,have not had if for a few years now..and I can still imagine that like 3's company every episode of friends is still like the first few years of it,and nothing really has changes although a few well dressed young girls at my office would argue otherwise.

    My favorite Episode would be the one where Pheobe,after making a purchase at the Magical Childe bookstore,summons one of the great old ones and they devour the entire cast.
    That was my favorite episode.
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