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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

maybe some things don't suck.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

maybe some things don't suck.

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Cinescape is reporting that Harry Potter's sixth adventure will begin printing no later than September 8.

According to a tipster, notice was sent to book publishers that warned them to "be prepared to print copies of the next HP book" by that date. The site's analysis theorizes that since Order of the Phoenix was released on June 21, or summer solstace, it may be that author JK Rowling is attempting an autumn equinox, or September 22, release for book 6.

Keep in mind a Smith Barney financial advisor who follows American Potter publisher Scholastic said in February that he doesn't expect the next installment until summer 2005 at the earliest, but more likely the summer of 2006.

So probably not. But that's what I want for my birthday. Give it to me.
  • That'd be terrific, of course, but I really don't buy it.

    (1) It's way out of keeping with the way her release schedule has been slowing from book to book (as their sizes have also been growing). Hey, at this rate Book 6 will be a telephone book out by 2010 and Book 7 will be the OED and I'll need someone to read it to me in the nursing home.

    (2) If it was going to hit the stands by this September, we'd've already endured 6 months of hype, buzz, rumours, purported leaked pages etc. by now.

    Pity, really.
    • Given that the last one was delayed primarily due to a lawsuit, I think the 2005 date in the article is a pretty realistic estimate.
      • Given that the last one was delayed primarily due to a lawsuit

        Really? I hadn't heard that.

        What was the suit about?
  • These are probably the same tipsters who have been predicting the imminent arrival of GRRM's next installment in his Ice & Fire series. :(
  • I'm just wondering if Book 7 is going to make it out before Movie 7.
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