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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Evening summary.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Evening summary.

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lyricagent, who is wonderful, dropped me closer to the book signing than I'd expected to be, and I managed to get there in very good time.
docbrite reads well. I knew this already, but it was very different listening to her read something she's still damn enthused about.
There's a guy who I see at every damn signing I go to, who always winds up near the front of the line, and always with an arm's length of books. Good chripes, man. I know you aren't a Neal Stephenson, Poppy Z. Brite, and Jonathan Carroll fan. Quiddit already!
sherilyn is a very beautiful woman. And has a nice glib sense of things. cheekytubemouse is so very easy to get along with, and really sweet. Actually finally meeting these two lovely ladies was good enough reason to go out tonight.
tjcrowley was in a grand mood, and (as usual) great fun to hang around with.
docbrite is a very charming dinner companion as well- though I was down the other end of the table, with postmaudlin, being struck by the odd parallel of sitting on the floor in an Arabic restaurant after seeing someone read from their new book. Again.
postmaudlin deserves a break. If you are associated with the Break Disbursement Department, please do me a favor and check your records, 'cause girl's way friggin' overdue.
All in all a very pleasant evening, and I managed to not gush at docbrite about a novel that's years behind her- and really, is years behind me. Sure, it meant a lot at the time I read it, and I could probably say I owe my sanity to it in large part, but- that was a bleedin' decade ago.
I did still need to walk home and just let my brain settle again- all that old shit stirring a bit.

cheekytubemouse: you shouted something at me as you lot drove past on your way to the next stop, but I didn't quite hear what it was.
And I should've waved byebye.
  • Was that PZB novel Lost Souls? Still quite an engaging read after all these years, I think. Have you ever read Drawing Blood? Any good?
    • Duh, just noticed I never answered this query. Yes, it was Lost Souls. You too can read the incredibly depressing indepth explanation of why the book mattered so much to me at the time here.
      I've read Drawing Blood, and I basically liked it, if memory serves. It's been a long while and there were a lot of psychoactive drugs. :)
  • borggrrl is so very easy to get along with, and really sweet.

    *blush* Thank you, that's a much sweeter way to put it than, "borggrrl babbles a lot." *grin*

    borggrrl: you shouted something at me as you lot drove past on your way to the next stop, but I didn't quite hear what it was.

    "You don't want to be in this car!"

    One word: lentils

    (Ug. To bed at 1 and up again before 6. Most of my brain is still asleep and yet I've been at work for half an hour already.)
    • well, y'didn't babble any more'n I did. ;) And hah! I didn't want to be in the car anyways- it would've interfered with the careful arrangement of taller and shorter folks, and it would've kept me from the about 15-minute walk home that let me get my head oriented properly.
      • I'm glad to hear it. I was actually a bit confused at first because I'd assumed we were giving you a lift as well. When I realized that we weren't, I'd assumed you were close to home.
    • I hadn't asked for a lift, and just figured 'well, I'll continue towards their car on my way home; more fun than walking alone'. As I was about halfway home when we got to your car, I figured I'd just finish the walk. I was, in fact, close to home when we parted company. ;)
    • (actually, for future reference? I'm a few blocks the other side of where redshrike resides with the hoptoad. So not far at all. I walked slow. ;)
  • Shit!

    PZB had a signing and I missed it!!!
    I have all of her work except this new one..I would have loved to get them signed.
    I still remember when I got an "In store" paperback copy of Lost souls from the new splatterpunk label the publishers were pushing.(Can't remember the name,it didn't last) I loved the book and eventually got it in hardback.
    I love her work..I can't wait to read liquor
    • Re: Shit!

      Poppy and Christa Faust will be in the Bay Area for a few more days...

      Christa Faust reading/signing:

      --- Borderlands Books, Tuesday, May 4th, 7:00 PM
      (866 Valencia Street; 415-824-8203/888-893-4008)

      Poppy and Christa reading/signing:

      --- Dark Carnival, May 5, 5:30 PM (3086 Claremont Ave, Berkeley; 510-654-7323)

      Poppy might also be lurking at Borderlands tonight. If she is, I'm sure she'd be willing to sign something for you. (Though I'd advise against bringing every PZB book you own. *smile*)
      • Re: Shit!

        THANK YOU!!!
        I am going to try and make the Dark Carnival one,despite the HUGE math test that I have!!!
        It would be worth it!!
        THANK YOU!!
        • Re: Shit!

          You're welcome!

          I am going to try and make the Dark Carnival one,despite the HUGE math test that I have!!!

          I truly hope you're able to.

          It would be worth it!!

          You're right. :)
          • Re: Again,thank you.

            I have seen your comments on friends posts often,I added you,I don't expect you to add back. (ect.)
            Sometimes I think LJ is a waste of time,but then I get good info like your appearance tips,and the recipies for nuttela based food I got today on a Cooking info-feed and I realize..I'm glad I'm on lj!!
            • Re: Again,thank you.

              If you're able to make it to the reading/signing tonight (and I hope you are), I'll be the short girl in the grey Hustler t-shirt with the faded blue hair and black cat tattoo on the back of her neck.
              • Re: Again,thank you.

                It would be nice,but no..I thought it was tomorrow night..I'm all screwed up with dates and times at the moment..Tonight I see my son and nothing takes precedent over that! :)
                I couldn't miss my math test anyway.
                It's a pity because I would really love to meet poppy.
                (I have to stay out of that store anyway..that place sucks all the money out of my wallet and credit cards!!!)
                It would have been great to meet you! I hope the opportunity presents itself again.
                I am going to be more diligent with book signings to that this does not happen again. I used to go to more of them..I don't know what happened. When I heard about S.T. Joshi being here recently and having a signing after that fact..I was really pissed off.
                • Re: Again,thank you.

                  I'm sorry to hear that you couldn't make it to Dark Carnival last night, but it was definitely for a good reason. (As if you need me to tell you that.)

                  If it helps, it was only a signing, not actually a reading and it's been suggested that Christa and maybe even Poppy will return to the Bay Area later this year. Christa's new book HOODTOWN isn't officially released until next month and her collaboration with Poppy, TRIADS, is due to be released around the same time. (At least I think it is.) Any information I receive about the possibility of such readings/signings will be posted in my journal.
    • Re: Shit!

      Just was skimming through past entries while suffering from insomnia and read this:
      she'll be in SF again in March of this year, just one day this time. I believe she'll be at Booksmiths again, or perhaps it's at Borderlands.
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