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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

More insight on why Elijah Wood is actually pretty ugly.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

More insight on why Elijah Wood is actually pretty ugly.

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woe is me
In every photo I see of him,
He either
A) is grinning like a dork, or
B) looks like he's smelling something just a bit off.

Add in the fact that in either circumstance he looks like a were-chihuahua, and we're looking at a burden of hideousness that even Ernest Borgnine would have pitied.

UPDATE: edited a bit to make it hang together a bit better.
  • It's like he doesnt want the inside of his upper lip touching his teeth so he has that expression all the time.
  • Thank you.
    You know, I read all of this LotR fanfic, and I can't see the attraction to Mister Wood AT ALL, yet he seems to be a fangirl/fanboy delacacy.

    I'm also not attracted to Orlando Bloom. Yes. I know this gets me voted off the island immediately.
    • I find Orlando attractive when A) he's not doing the head-of-annoyingly-Peter-Frampton-esque curls, and B) he's been cleaned up.

      So... almost never.

      Reposted, because I'd used the wrong name up above in the italics: I don't find Elijah attractive, which bugs me, as I like skinny shortish guys with blue eyes and fair skin and dark hair, and a lot of other features that Elijah fits yet somehow NO, he's NOT attractive.
      While young Master Bloom is often not my type of attractive, he's always noteable as attractive.
    • I guess I'm voted off the island too.
  • Followed the link from metaquotes

    Don't forget the fact that his neck and head are the same width. I noticed that halfway through RotK, and spent the next hour and a half trying not to giggle.
    • To be fair,

      that's partly a trick of the forced-perspective stuff that Jackson used in causing the hobbits to look properly sized. I've noticed it's not as pronounced in other images of him.
      He does gots him a big ol' neck, though, he do he do.
  • I like me that handful of hobbit goodness, Mr. Astin. Mmmmmm. Sean.

    Then again, I've had a crush on Sean Astin since The Goonies.
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