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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

unsurprising confession.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

unsurprising confession.

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mucha mosaic
I watch the video to David Bowie's song 'Little Wonder' and find myself again contemplating how to make that fucking amazing frockcoat out of a couple Union Jacks. Can't be more than two 4'-long flags...
  • You know Monique, right? you should ask her. She makes amazing clothes.
    • Not sure I do: I do know reddheart, who I've seen make majestically gorgeous stuff, though... hrmn. See, that's the part that is making this tempting.
      I could, at this point in my life, PAY SOMEONE TO DO IT FOR ME.
  • If you can find an image, I can offer hints? I've actually toyed with modifications from old frock coat patterns from historical sources. Granted, I was modding it to make it fit a female form at miniature scale, but it can be done, and I've helped someone else modify a similar pattern to fit a variety of actors a handful of years ago.
    • I can give you a couple images:
      The back is visible on the cover of bowie's album 'Earthling', first off. here is a picture of that.
      Here is a picture of the bowie attempting to mate with the jacket on a white leather sofa.
      Here is proof someone out there's as kinky for that jacket as I am.
      I haven't found any stills from the LIttle Wonder video, but it's all over the place in there, too.
      • Hmmmmmm. I'll see if I can sketch a flat for it. It looks simpler than it could be, really. The top is fairly standard, with the double-breasted inset bit, and it seems like there's only a single pleat on the back. It really is the piecing that'd be difficult.
  • actually it might take more like 3-4. look at where the flag repeats pattern and it seems like twice in the back and twice in front. plus. you still have to take into consideration the collar which is a weird angled piece. go tohttp://www.folkwear.com/263.html
    the pattern sample will show how much yargade you need.
    • similar coat, yeah- the bowiecoat is, I think, only buttoning from waist-to-throat.
    • yeah that front piece is a really simple add on. but in looking at the backside. you see how many fold the bottom back skirt has? that's where you will need to figure out the yardage. it's all back there in the folds.
      • yep- it's a REALLY full skirt, I think it's actually just about full circle.
        Lots and lots of flag.
    • i do know of someone who could make it for you too. if you email me, i can give you his number.
  • I applaud your always excellent taste.

    Rather than actual flags, however, I am tempted to recommend making a frock coat from an appropriate weight of heavy cotton/linen (lined of course) and painting the right sort of flag thereupon. FLags these days tend to be made out of horrid nylons, and there's the grommets and all that. Also likely much cheaper and easier to buy the right weight of fabric and not have to match the pattern while sewing, just careful painting afterwards.
    • ...on another look at the coat, I think that may be what was odne in the first place; the colors are not quite right for a proper flag - the red is a bit dark, and possibly also the blue.
      • The colors may or may not be accurate to a "real" flag, but the little torn up bits are most certainly done after the fact. Real tears would in general always be along the grainline, not diagonal (as some of them obviously are), and if you had THAT much shredding in the middle of the flag, you'd definitely have a horrid fringing at the end, which would essentially make half the flag unusable for fabric. Which clearly hasn't happened, so. :)

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