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25 Years to Life

So the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence had their surprisingly subdued 25th anniversary bash today, which was fun. The sightseeing was entertaining, too.
And the dogs were lovely. Lots of beautiful, friendly dogs. I had forgotten how much I missed dog time.

And speaking of dogs, why is it that the crazy people you meet and kinda hope not to run into are always the ones that keep turning up? Crazy person from Guerilla Queer Bar turned up, hung around with I and lyricagent and wurmfood until it was time for us to go-- some of us didn't bring a jacket. I went to the nearby science fiction bookstore and while ringing up, there's crazy guy again. Ran away from him to Paxton Green, and looked at dead bugs and animal skeletons. They DID have great big old-fashioned-looking glass jars which would be appropriate to the pickled fetal dragon that I was talking to someone about making for me- so since I can get the right jar, I'm feeling more confident about actually proceeding with that. This is a great good.
They had no bat skeleton.
I didn't quite like any of the jewel scarabs they had, either.
Went to Japantown, did a bit of shopping, then home.

Why do the crazies always turn up, like gum on your shoe?

Anyways, there're some lovely photos linked from lyricagent's and wurmfood's livejournals. Go enjoy the sights. :)

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