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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Saw this and wondered.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Saw this and wondered.

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mucha mosaic
So boingboing.net found This story. You know how you always wondered if those white boys with kanji tattoos know what is inked on them? The answer seems to be 'no, not really as such'.

boingboing.net calls this 'japangrish', in tribute to the hysterical comedy of that which is available on engrish.com. But 'japangrish' is shitty broken-japanese- engrish is a primo example of mistranslation from English to Japanese character, as that's how you spell 'english' in Japanese, as they lack a proper L sound in the language...
Maybe Nihongrish? Nihongo is Japanese for 'Japanese language', after all.
Or Nippongo, perhaps?

What do you think?
  • Aha! Now who's stalking whom?
  • I'd vote for Nihongrish, myself. Or maybe 'Nihongese' because it makes me think of geese, and geese are funny.

    I saw a guy about a month ago with the Kanji for 'Taira' on his upper arm; I don't know what meanings it has other than being the glyph for the Taira household, but all I could think was 'Your family was killed and sunk at Dan-No-Ura?'
  • You know what I think?

    I think it's really obvious that the girl whose tattoo also translates to 'seven yen' has it tattooed on her tailbone, right above her ass.

    "MY ASS IS WORTH FIVE CENTS." And considering that "Angelique Starr" sounds like a stripper's name?

    I think that's hysterical. I don't think it could sound any more hysterical.

    That's what I think.
  • i <3 cultural misappropriation. bmezine had a similar article:

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