I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

Crazy republicans.

So I just stumbled over this in an attempt to learn constitutional law about declaring war. I know that this is a job reserved to the Congress of the US, but I wasn't sure exactly how this hung together.
I threw 'Congress declare war' into Google, as an initial search, and found, as the first result,
Congressman Ron Paul (R, Texas), whining about how Congress wouldn't declare war on Iraq and were violating the Constitution by not doing so.

My favorite part is the opening sentence:
Two weeks ago, during a hearing in the House International Relations committee, I attempted to force the committee to follow the Constitution and vote to declare war with Iraq.
Re-read that.
'follow the Constitution and... declare war with Iraq'.

because the Constitution does say 'in the event of a terrorist attack, the Congress of the United States shall declare war on a country that nobody likes very much, within a span of no greater than one and a half years', right?
I mean shit, I play loose and fast with interpretation of Constitutional law- I'm not a rigid interpreter by any stretch- but I don't think I see anything in the Constitution that says 'the Congress will declare war on Iraq'.
And the weirdest part? The pseudo-libertarian rantings about the UN taking over.

Hey Texans: d'you guys LIKE electing the deranged or something?

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