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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

The baby vampire bat is cute.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

The baby vampire bat is cute.

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AGREE damnit.
or her cousins will beat you up.
  • Extremely cute!

    Then again, the only thing I refuse to ever consider cute is something with more than 4 legs. Bugs are just EWWWW.
  • I laughed, I cried, it's cuter than Cats...

    Hunh? Did I say something?
  • (no subject) -
    • I mostly posted this for the link. Golly, ya mean that if we cut down the forests and make it harder for birds to live here, the vampire bats will feed on us?

      People's stupidity amazes me sometimes.
    • (no subject) -
      • I'll be pleasantly surprised when they're covered with pink feathers and shitting gold, too, but I don't think it's gonna happen.
        • (no subject) -
          • Technically, internal excremental food dye has already come about. Not gold, but ...

            The Hershey's chocolate syrup they made for promotion of The Hulk was green in colour. It also used a dye which passed through the system without being absorbed.

            End (literally) result : green poop. Not just any old green, but 'The Hulk' green...
            • My Mom discovered koolaid can have this same effect when she rushed me to the pediatrician in horror at the color of the stuff in my diaper. This was the '70's, so I'm not sure if it's still true. My family identified several colors not found in the crayola box as things like "baby-poop yellow" "baby-poop green" etc..
    • I heard an interview yesterday on NPR with a guy who wrote a book about rats, and he said that if there's a plague scare and we kill off all the rats using some draconian poisoning program, the fleas that carry the plague will just jump from the rats to us.

      Also, rats can chew through steel and concrete. But that's not important right now.
    • I don't know... all those trees are a fire hazard...

      Maybe we can just poison them into submission so they don't attack people anymore.

      (and yes, I think she's adorable)
      • I didn't know trees were so dangerous! Which species are most likely to attack pedestrians?
        • pedants...

          Okay, okay - you got me. I meant poison the bats, not the trees.

          (*I* knew what I meant...)
  • I go 'awww' every time I see her. But then I miss the clouds of flying foxes we used to get on sunset back in Brissie.

    Mind you, the news link is pure B-horror flick.
  • I tink she's adorable.

    And I have a Bat Protection Hat somewhere which my dad found in Belize during a campaign to persuade the locals that the bats were good bug- and pest-eating little friends, not evil nightmares. It's too ugly to wear (orange and navy?) and too big for me, but I have proof of my bat-friendliness, dangit.
  • Awww... who wouldn't think it was cute?

    Then again, I thought it was a strange type of mouse when I first saw it, but it's cute all the same...
  • death bats!!!

  • The baby vampire bat is definitely cute.

    *continues to fight the compulsion to type up a line or two of squeeing and repeated exclamation points about how |<y007 the baby vampire bat is...*
  • I just saw the caption under the pic in the link. I live in Jalisco. Those bats are quite common here and a threat to cattle but we never heard they attacked people... Bees and wasps on the other hand... *shudder* Nasty vicious little creatures.
    • Brief preaching about vampire bats. Forgive me.

      I'm a big fan of chiroptera, so I admit I'm extremely biased about them.

      They seem to be getting more avid about attacking stuff you wouldn't normally expect, from all reports I've found. Are cattle farmers giving up on the area and taking away an easy foodsource? There has to be some reason for them to be picking a hard target, preywise.
      They are vicious little creatures, it's true. Their saliva glands also produces some of the most powerful anticoagulants known to mankind, which has produced remarkable strides in medical means of dealing with cardiac issues, as well as surgery: it's quite possible that I wouldn't be here without some of the research they prompted. Vampire bats are also a completely unique chunk of the mammal order, which subsists on a foodstuff that's plentiful- yet inedible to most mammals. There's a lot with them that we could learn- provided we don't screw up the planet so bad they're no longer there to learn from.

      • Re: Brief preaching about vampire bats. Forgive me.

        When I was a little kid the vampire bat exhibit was one of my favorate parts of the zoo. Right up there with the crocodile feeding!
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