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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Just a note

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Just a note

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mucha mosaic
It may not be wise to accept packages for your coworkers when they are vacation and leave them in their office.

It may be more unwise to do so when this means that your coworker will have, in plain sight, 12 Farberware professional blades when you come into his office to ask him to do your job because golly it's so busy, when your coworker is trying to get his own job done after being gone for a week.

I have done nothing regrettable or even illegal. But people may want to keep this in mind.
  • I always have to warn my co-workers...

    "I'm expecting a package; please call me if it comes in when I'm not here, it should be something alive..."

    The most delightful one was the small box with the amazingly loud *scritching* noise... it turns out that Polyphemus moth cocoons are very active despite their diapause, and like to roll around a lot!
    • Yeah, this was just an Amazon box, they couldn't REALLY have known... but it still amused me to find my eyes going from idiot cow orker to sharp pointy objects to idiot cow orker... especially knowing that said idiot was the person who signed for the package in question.
      I have not opened the knife set's box, but it is covered with fullscale photos of sharp gleamy things for rendering flesh, and the words 'Fine Edge Cutlery', on a BRIGHT LOOK-AT-ME SCREAMING RED background- the kind of red that's so ultra-saturated and searingly bright that you can get bluish ghost-images around the edges of it just staring at it for a little itty while? yeah.

      Perhaps I just have an overly vivid imagination. ;)
      • Perhaps I just have an overly vivid imagination

        Nah... it's just "overly vivid" if those ghostly blue images involve your screaming cow orker begging you for his life while you slowly flense the skin off him with the pictured implements.

        • It troubles me further that my first thought in response to this was 'oh, pish! None of these knives would do at all well for flensing!'.
          • :: laughing ::

            And of course, you'd need the appropriate TONGS, and probably an assistant (Is the receptionist busy? Can she step away from the phones for a few minutes, and put on her splatter-proof rubber apron?)
  • Fie on tongs! Where's the fun in that?

    Hands-on approach all the way, baby.

    That way, if anyone tells you you're losing your grip, you can just blame the blood.
  • This May Just Be Faculty Room Gossip, but...

    I've heard you can improvise some amazing restraints with duct tape and an industrial stapler, but you didn't hear that from me, right?
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