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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Just Like Colubra Used To Make.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Just Like Colubra Used To Make.

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mucha mosaic
Sloganizer madness.

Did Somebody Say Colubra?
Cleans Your Floor Without Colubra.
Colubra. It's What's For Dinner.
Make Someone Happy with a Colubra.
The Colubra of Champions.
I Like the Colubra in You.
Kids Will Do Anything For Colubra.
We're with the Colubra.
Colubra Is Good For You.
Life's Pretty Straight Without Colubra.
Your Colubra, Right Away.
The Incredible, Edible Colubra.
Wait Till We Get Our Colubra On You.
The Joy of Colubra.
It's A Bit Of A Colubra.
Spreads Straight from the Colubra.
You've Got Questions. We've Got Colubra.
It's That Colubra Feeling.
With A Name Like Colubra, It Has To Be Good.
The Colubra That Likes To Say Yes.
No Colubra, No Comment.
My anti-drug is Colubra.
Shake the Bottle, Wake the Colubra.
  • Now I can die...

    "Shake the Bottle, Wake the Snake"??

    That is too damn good.
  • I think my favorite is "I Like the Colubra In You." It sounds like the end of some lascivious intellectual joke.

    Did you see the ones I posted in response to feyandstrange's original post? For some reason, I kept hearing them read out loud dryly by you -- the kind of mental fucking around we would do before gaming sometimes.
    • I didn't look, no...

      ...I had too many lj entries to catch up on.
      Now, I shall have to look and imagine myself reading them.
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