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deliciously-scented bath soaps!

Deliciously and strongly.

I just had to ask my admin for a couple ziploc bags, so my nose would unstuff. They're GOOD scents, and I can't imagine that I won't smell delicious after bathing in them, but wow, not something to just leave 5 bars of laying around open. ;)

The 'black leather' scent smells like saddlesoap, to me; I imagine I'll use this next time I go to the Eagle. The clove-and-mint one smells absolutely delightful (and I'm 90% certain this is the one that's startling my sinuses); the orange-and-vanilla one smells like an Orange Julius (which is a good thing).

You find the concept of getting 5 bars of handmade soap for $25, including shipping halfway across the country, tempting? Then you should go here. The gentleman responsible for these soaps can be found on LJ as oakenking.

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