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Thoughts on new Poppy Z. Brite novel.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Thoughts on new Poppy Z. Brite novel.

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1: I need to go to New Orleans. Apparently, October is the time to do so.
2: I am SO HUNGRY. I CRAVE good food. I DESIRE IT CARNALLY. And I normally just ain't much of an eater: I'm one of those who eats to live, as opposed to living to eat. So that says something about how lovingly the food stuff is written.
This shit is fucking food porn, Gentle Reader.
3: Somebody's been reading John Kennedy Toole lately. --which is all good, I hasten to add.

I strongly STRONGLY recommend this novel. No, it's not horror. No, it's not even really queer-oriented- what little gay content exists is subplot level.
It's very charming. And very witty. And damn funny in places. And very... real.

So go buy Poppy Z. Brite's new novel, 'Liquor', now available at fine booksellers everywhere. If your local bookseller hasn't got it, they ain't a fine one!
  • Just "Toole". Not "O'Toole".

    "You better watch out who you callin' a communiss!"
  • (no subject) -
    • I'm game. Octoberish is apparently when the weather's actually tolerable by man or beast.
  • I'm all about a trip to New Orleans. Let me know if you put a group thang together.
  • 1. I'd better advise my friends who are planning to visit New Orleans in May.
    2. zimon66 and some other folks have been telling me to read PZB. If there's food porn to be had, I believe I shall.
  • I keep meaning to go to New Orleans in October, some year, as a birthday present to m'self. If you do arrange a group to go? Count me in if folks can stand me. I've been planning to do it for about five or six years now, and always end up putting it off; this would be the right sort of nudge to not put it off further. There's some minor plans this October, but most of them have some wiggle room around them.
  • > This shit is fucking food porn, Gentle Reader.

    Tell me about it, she even makes MEAT sound appealing to me and that hasn't happened in at few years.

    > Somebody's been reading John Kennedy Toole lately.

    Well, the dedication does read...

    For John Kennedy Toole,
    who got it right the first time
    • I never knew people read dedications!

      Okay, no, I just missed that. ;) But I remembered noticing the similarity in the one longer piece in Devil You Know, and the intro to that volume, which included her comments about Toole.
      • Re: I never knew people read dedications!

        I have to admit, you got me on the subject line. I saw it in my inbox and thought, "Surely he's kidding..."

        It's Poppy's love for the book that made me pick up A Confederacy of Dunces in the first place, and I'm very glad I did.
  • I think I might try to go to New Orleans for my birthday next year. (Unfortunately, I don't think I'll have saved up enough by October of this year.)

    I've found a recent article that may or may not be helpful in finding an affordable room in NO:

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