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weird dreams.

Let's see. I was in a strange city that I thought was Toronto, which I have no real idea about. I was at a theatre space watching a production of a show I've been in be cast. I had already worked with these people in this particular production space, no less- I wanted to try a different role.
But I don't know how that went because then I was in the house of a childhood friend and his parents looking to use the toilet while they were all looking for me because we had to get going somewhere.
Oh, but before that, I saw a trailer for a vampire movie that Jonathan Rhys-Meyers was in before that; we had werewolves, sorta; vampires, sorta; and then these other things (I think they were elves). They were duking it out. It had a name too; Final Night. based on a book by John Davies.

It strikes me, looking at this two hours later, that I have a lot of dreams about the theatre, even though I haven't walked the boards in over a decade. huh.

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