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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

For those of you who do creative stuff...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

For those of you who do creative stuff...

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mucha mosaic
...yes, I will read your work if you need a criticial eye. You need to ask me to do it, though: else, I will just read it and go 'ooh pretty'. I don't tend to inflict the critical eye on work unless someone explicitly gives me permission.
  • I know I can trust you to be critical without being a bastard about it. So you are welcome to give constructive criticism if you encounter something of mine which moves you to.

  • I have you on my mental list of 'folks to ask to be first readers' of at least most of my stuff (I don't know for certain about all the stuff I may write about; inflicting het romance on you seems cruel). And I value this greatly.
    • eeeh- het romance ain't that different from queer romance. It's just gender pronouns, really.
      • It's not a genre you read, and it's seriously bad writing. In general I try to find first-readers who at least know and preferably like the genre. I might inflict Regency romantic comedy on you, but not the really tacky modern romances.
  • That's pretty amazing of you. I don't show a lot of my fiction even in early stages because people have asked me to read it, I've dutifully shown it to them, then they've given me a list of changes/problems/et cetera with the story.

    All of which would have been fine...if I was ASKING for that kind of thing.
    • --and is exactly why I just read a story and see if I enjoy it or not, if I'm not asked to take it apart.
      because frankly? taking a story apart takes WORK. And I am LAZY! ;)
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