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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Heteronormative fetishism at its UTTER nadir. Good fucking christ.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

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scared of you.
Heteronormative fetishism at its UTTER nadir.

Good fucking christ.
  • Well that put the ick into squick.
  • Holy crap. Uh, no pun intended. That's... just... disgusting. o.O
  • Did anyone who made this sit down and think about what it really means? It's a "sexy urinal," but what it's really saying is, "I want to drink your piss."

    Which, hey, if you're into that sort of thing, great. Part of me is going "ew" and the other part of me is going "oh, jeez, it's the damn straights again," but then there's this part of me saying, "How delightfully subversive."
  • I fear that.
  • that's pretty funny.
  • Oh, let's not.

    Though it makes me think of those carnival games where you squirt the water in the clown's mouth and pop a balloon...
  • I'm really not sure I could pee into something like that.
  • What disturbs me even beyond the sheer grossness of it is: how fucking sexist is that?

    The mouth (despite digitalsidhe's reaction of "oh, god, it's Mick Jagger") is rather female in design. And there sure as shit aren't any urinals in the women's room. Is this subconsciously saying something about pointing your boy-tool into chicks' mouths?

    And it has TEETH?

    Does it make a gargling noise when it flushes?

  • Me? I'd get one, attach it to the side of the house, and stick a fern in the thing.

    But I really, really hate my neighbors, see.
  • Yikes!!
  • Ugh.
  • Are you kidding? I think it's fabulous. I want three, one for each bathroom. I want to name each of them with the names of women (or drag queens) who've pissed me off in the past, and take great delight in knowing that they'll be used with relish. And never cleaned.

    Oooh! Feeding them urinal cakes, like delicacies! I so love it.

    I think they're god damn brilliant. Maybe they'll make boy-shaped toilets next, so you can feel like you're sitting on someone's lap when you take a dump.

    Wouldn't want to be lonely in the bathroom, would you?


    • Sometimes, I worry about you.
      • What, me? I'm innocent as a newborn kitten, really.

        Maybe they'll make a bidet shaped like one of those peeing cherubs you see in tacky rose gardens! Wouldn't that be hilarious?

        THINK of the possibilities!

        • One: you are fucked in the head. Seriously so.

          Two: I want to alter one of those fuckers so it randomly bites down. Like, every hour or two. Russian roulette with a penis!
          • Gentle Reader:
            Should you, like me, be male, and should you experience any sort of castration anxiety nightmares a la The Fifth Man tonight, I think we all know who to blame.
            Degenerates, the lot of you!
            • Life is better when it involves bathroom fixtures from Peewee's Playhouse of EVIL.
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