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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

highspeed update: brain hurty, schadenfreude, and Dept. of I-Told-You-So Dept.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

highspeed update: brain hurty, schadenfreude, and Dept. of I-Told-You-So Dept.

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Cyndi Lauper? 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' Cyndi Lauper?
She's 50.
The brain, it hurts.

Shut up, Donnie.
If you ever wondered how good a certain Mr. Rumsfeld is at eating crow.

No wonder they were sure they'd find WMDs.
While the Pakistani Daily Times is not exactly my standard of journalistic excellence, I think that there's at least one person on my friendslist who's reading this who heard me comment 'only takes about four months to select some and bury them, doesn't it?' to 'we'll find them thar WMDs no matter how long it takes'.
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    • Wasn't much of a surprise, October or no, then, was it? ;)
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        • I was just being ironic; 'October Surprise' is the right name for such a tactic.
          I'm wondering if it's gonna take all the way 'till October for this one to percolate up into mainstream media.
    • My choice in the betting pool is grabbing Bin Laden about two weeks prior to the election.
  • Cyndi Lauper:

    Still hot.

    • Re: Cyndi Lauper:

      I don't know that I think she's hot- but she's definitely pretty. And every bit as much a terrifically wonderful person.
      I go for the Isabella Rossellini mold in women, myself.
  • we'll find them thar WMDs no matter how long it takes

    I'm just waiting for some archaeologists to find a cache which includes stone-age spears or somesuch.
  • The thing that boggles me more than her age is that she does a really good rendition of Etta James' "At Last".

    I mean...
  • I'm pretty sure he was lying on CNN again, too, or at least dissembling. He said something like "34 to 35 countries have troops on the ground" in Iraq, implying that many countries lent us troops for the invasion; I'm pretty sure only five or so countries contributed troops, at least for the actual invasion. There was the UK, Australia had some, a few from Poland, and Spain, apparently.

    34-35 countries does not mean anything once the deed is done; for all I know, he could be talking about UN troops sent in to take care of the humanitarian aspect of the occupation, which we can never seem to do without shooting a bunch of the locals. He's trying to associate that with unity before the invasion took place.

    Need I mention that the countries which did back us up were mostly tiny little places, hungry for the kind of bribe we gave Turkey to come in on it with us? We literally bribed them to become involved; there was a huge aid package offered them, dependent upon whether or not they let us use their airfields. The Turkish government turned it down at first, under pressure from the public, which is saying something. Spain didn't turn us down, even though most of the public was against the invasion. In fact, the same was true for the UK, our major ally. It's interesting how nobody in the news asks how these little details support our alleged love for democracy...

    In particular, Turkey's interest in preventing formation of a Kurdish state is never mentioned; nor is their ongoing repression of the Kurds, which is certainly comparable to anything Hussein ever did to them. All we hear is that there is a Kurdish independence movement, which I'm sure will become a Kurdish 'terrorist' movement once they outlive their usefulness. It was thought that having Turkish troops in northern Iraq could turn into a big mess, with them taking out the Kurdish strongholds they were ostensibly protecting, which is why they weren't ultimately used.
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