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Okay, /that/ off my chest...

Quiz time.

From lyricagent.

1. Beatles or Elvis?
Depends on mood. Usually, Beatles.

2. What is your secret spy name?

3. When you were a kid, you wanted to grow up to be:
A novelist. I blame J.R.R. Tolkien.

4. Ever had an odd pet (anything other than dog, cat, fish, bird)? What kind?
yes: a guinea pig named 'Cheerios'.

5. Boxers or Briefs (interpret this as you will)?

6. List the strangest town name(s) you've ever seen:
Weed, CA; Merlin, OR; Gig Harbor, WA; Hell, TX

7. Ever taken the purity test? (hint: If you don't know what it is, you haven't taken it).

8. Is your hair color currently your natural color?
Yes, what there is of it.

9. Your current celebrity crushes:
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Raar.

10. Do you own any Tupperware?

11. Ever re-gifted an item?
Yes. It's been years.

12. Your favorite Stooge:

13. Daffy Duck or Donald Duck?
Daffy. Donald is, well, just not funny.

14. Favorite game to play (not sport, just game):
Probably any of the various built around the Starcraft engine.

15. You do a GREAT impression of:
Jimmy Stewart, Mickey Mouse

16. Most recent celebrity spotting:
Sharon Stone, I think.

17. Strange skill you have that not many people know about:
curling my tongue into a cloverleaf shape (about 1 in 100 people can do this).

18. The body part you like best on yourself is:

19. A bad habit you have is:
Giving too much of a damn

20. The last concert you went to:
David Sylvian

21. Kinkiest location you've ever done It:
I think a leather bar counts as kinkiest.

22. What is your drag name (name of first pet with mother's maiden name)?
Bridget Etter. Eeeeeeew. I prefer Brae L. Reader.

23. Your favorite fast-food burger is:
I prefer medium-fast-food-burgers: Hot & Hunky in the Castro is just The Best Damn Burger Ever.

24. Worst job you've ever had:
Welcome to TCBY, the country's best yogurt. What can I get for you?

25. In the movie of your life, whom do you want to play you?
Alan Alda.

26. Your dream car:
'34 Brewster

27. Your favorite comic strip is:

28. Do you still have your appendix?
It's still in there.

29. Toilet paper: rolled under or over?
Over. But jesus fucking christ put it on the roller!!!

30. Your favorite donut:

31. Favorite basketball team (if you have one; pro or college; men or women):
The OSU Ducks, mostly because their fans are maniacs.

32. Favorite Simpsons quote:
"Worst. Episode. Ever.

33. Do you collect anything interesting?

34. What are your hobbies?
What a telling question. Okay, you found me out, I have no fucking life.

35. Your favorite form of chocolate:

36. Your guilty pleasure:
One is not enough.

37. Your favorite piece of sushi:
Uni. It tastes like the ocean.

38. Your favorite way to blow $20:

39. Ever slapped someone who was not a blood relative?
Yes. Then, I felt guilty as hell for a month afterwards while the little weasel milked it for all it was worth.

40. Your favorite Girl Scout cookie:
Thin Mints.

41. Your personal theme song:
'Candidate (demo)', David Bowie

42. Do you have any jewelry in your birthstone (and what is the stone?)?
Do I look like I could AFFORD a sapphire??

43. Your favorite sandwich (or sammich, if you prefer):
Turkey, smoked gouda, dijon mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, alfalfa sprouts.

44. The farthest place you've ever traveled to:

45. What would you do with a million dollars?
Buy a nice big house with 3/4ths of it, and invest the other 1/4th in 15-25 year bonds.

46. What is one of your life goals (have you achieved it yet?)?
Fall madly in love and live happily ever after. Got halfway there.

47. Have you ever seen the movie "Free to Be You and Me" in elementary school?
Marlo Thomas Is My God.

48. Your favorite Muppet (from any Henson production):

49. In 10 more years, you want to accomplish:
Home ownership, writing something that gets published, settling down with someone.

50. Your favorite foreign-language film:
Hrmn. I really enjoy foreign-language cinema. Tough question this: probably City of Lost Children, though Wings of Desire, Seven Samurai, Gohatto, and Fellini's 'Roma' are all in the running.

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