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I just read this (from cnn.com):
Bush said the U.S. economy was changing and that the government had a responsibility "to create an environment that increases more jobs and helps people find the skills to fill those jobs."

This is a college graduate. An Ivy League graduate, no less. I can only assume the man has an education vastly superior to my own, which does not involve a completed college degree or an Ivy League school, and therefore says what he means to say.
So what he's saying to us is that the government has a responsibility to increase more jobs. Does this mean 'increase the quantity of jobs out there' (which is not in fact what it says), or does this mean 'increase the scope of work involved in more extant jobs' (which seems to actually be what it says)?

Oh, but according to the embattled tormented besieged insanely hugely funded Re-Elect Bush campaign, the Democrats are histrionic and indulging in partisan ad hominem attacks.

How did I forget.

Again I'd point folks to the 'Case Against George Walker Bush' stuff I tacked up in my memories (found here): a few entries about the last couple years in politics and things that just made my stomach churn.

Elect someone else.


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