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opinion call

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

opinion call

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mucha mosaic
So I need to acquire a knife that would be reasonable to name 'Face-Stabby'. Anyone have opinion calls? I'm thinking a punch dagger would be especially suited to the name.
  • Stiletto or something similar. Long, but thin, sharp, quick.
    • *agrees with Wurm*

      And you can even hide it up a suit sleeve. This gets points in my book.
  • Bad day?
  • Punch daggers are nice. Make sure it's long enough to engrave "Face=Stabby" on the blade.

    Personally, if I'm going to stab someone in the face, I'd want an icepick, but we all know about my obsession with icepick lobotomies. Otherwise I prefer blunt instruments for the face; there's too many bones there to stab well.

    Yes. I will get a big iron mace, and name it "The Face Mace".
  • I have a number of such handy, if you should wish a present, sir.

    I'm thinking a tiny little thing, that goes good with tight jeans and velvet, with a short blade made for gouging. I have such a fabulous number that suits the precise bill, really.
  • Misericordia

    What else could you possibly use but the knife that was invented for that exact purpose?

  • Perhaps it's just me, but this screams 'Face-Stabby'.

    Yoinked from here
    • Good god it does.
      But it's in a WWII History Museum! I need it for MEEEEEEEE.
    • I may have some resources. Lemme dig through 'em. I'll get back to you, likely tomorrow.

      Love and sharp things,

      Me =D
    • This one doesn't scream it with quite the same authority as the last one but it definitely squeals "Face-Stabby" with malicious, tittering glee. There's a non-serated version too.

      I'm all drooly over the WWII one now. I'll let you know if it turns up as a replica somewhere. =D
    • And holy shit.

      I'll stop now... unless you want more. =)
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