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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
Today I remembered to flip the calendar page on my office calendar.

I have March 14th noted with the helpful explanation

  • Sounds fishy to me.

    Thanks, thanks, I'll be here all week.
  • Well, it could be that March 14th is the end of cheaper daytime Carp fishing at Passies Pond in the UK..


    The March 14, 2002 article including information on the Copyright Arbitration Royalties Panel is important on that particular day...

    The Article

    March 14th appears to be the end of Carp fishing season at a lot of fisheries..

    Though, since when did you take up fishing?

  • Then there's the CA Research and Planning group.. :) Maybe you were going to take a class at a college!

    Okay okay.. clearly I have too much time on my hands.. :)
  • Perhaps it's meant to be LARP and you just can't write?
  • "carp" makes me think of two things, primarily:

    guindon's many one-panel comics about carp, especially popular with my family when i was a kid; and

    camp carp, largely populated by folks like these, and where i have been known to bring friends in order to braid some hair in the shade on a hot desert day.

    beyond that, i think of large gulping larval dragons in the japanese tea garden in golden gate park.

    but none of these quite explain why your post made me spit with suppressed laughter. thanks, anyway.
  • Everyone knows "something fishy" precedes "assassination of Caesar".
    • It's true, though the oracle didn't specifically mention the Ides of Carp.
  • Maybe you want to use up your complaining quota before the middle of the month. :)

    CARP, damn you, carp like you've never carped before! you said to yourself.
  • Clearly, it's a meeting of the Diarrhetic Dyslexics Society.
  • I think that's the date of the season premiere of the Sopranos, and a guy named Stan Carp appeared in one episode ("the Weight", 4.4). Or maybe you're thinking of the talking fish from Tony's dream about Sal "Big Pussy" Bompensiero.
    • I wouldn't know; I've never watched the show, as it airs on a network I don't subscribe to.
      • I don't subscribe to HBO either. I think I originally borrowed tapes from dougo, and then I started buyin DVDs faithfully. A bunch of us watch them as a group, and we'll be watching this new season semi-live at the home of someone who does subscribe. I think the show is a real masterpiece.
  • Obviously, you intend to log onto Puzzle Pirates on March 14th, my birthday, and spend the day doing the ship carpentry puzzle (or 'carping' as we call it, arrrr).

  • My vote is for Boys' Day, the Japanese holiday where you hang pretty carp-shaped windsocks from your roof.

    -- Lorrie
    • that's may 5, tho. ;)
      • Hm -- well, a (non-Japanese) friend of mine was talking about his preparations the other day, and sounding like it was quite a bit sooner than that, so that's why it came to mind.

        -- Lorrie
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