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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Sick of listening to it.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Sick of listening to it.

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mucha mosaic
Okay. This is the harsh angry irritated lj entry of the month. If you think there might be a reason I'd be harsh or irritated with you, you probably don't wanna read it.

Edit: earlier, one could comment to this. Now, one cannot.

A: Well, you got home before any of the folks you normally commute with did, and you were aware when you left work that we were stuck there for a while.
B: Hopefully, getting a potential full night's sleep has kept the alarmclock and a sunbeam from conspiring against you again, and you have managed to get out of bed early enough to get to work by 10 AM this morning, since getting to work at 10 AM is part of the job you are getting paid to do.
C: If your commute takes a minimum of 4 hours every day you're quite simply measuring funny, given that work-to-my-house via train (which is further than work-to-your-house) takes me about 1.5 hours, including a stop at a bookstore on the way home.
D: Your ability to go home later via train was within your hands the whole time: it was only a phonecall away. Instead, you ranted, for 15 minutes, at me about how you couldn't frigging get home, waaaah, but they haven't told me the shuttle schedule, waah, but I can't call them, waaah, but the phone in my office doesn't work or some other fucking lame excuse for not being proactive on my own behalf like I ALWAYS use, waaah... AND NEVER FUCKING CALLED THE PERSON WHO HAD THE SCHEDULE, FOR THE LOVE OF THOR AND FREYA!
E: Perhaps the source of all this stress has absolutely nothing to do with your commute, given that your commute was not the issue du jour every day a year ago, and is now. Perhaps there is something else that you are frustrated with, and you are using your commute as an excuse to vent frustration with this other thing.

As always, the management disavows responsibility for any singemarks, lost eyebrows, burns of 1st 2nd or 3rd degree, and damaged clothing.
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