I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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There was this road, and there was this man,

and if only I could remember these dreams
I know they're trying to tell me

Three from last night.

#1: Dreamed that lyricagent and I went to an open house for a warehouse loft. This loft was in the Clocktower building (the one that's smack-dab up against I80 near Fremont Street, on the south side?). There was one set of windows that opened onto the freeway, basically- though they were pretty sound-insulated, you couldn't hear the traffic. The place was huge. I asked how much and they named a price that while it seems exhorbitant for a condo outside of San Francisco, was insanely cheap for the size of this place in SF ($295K). So we signed papers.
The sellers (and current residents) asked if we were Twin Peaks fans, because they wanted to settle the deal with a bout of Man From Another Place dancing. This seemed silly but amusing at the time, rather than really freakin' spooky.

The condo kept getting bigger while I Wasn't looking, too. It started out at about 3 times the size of our current place- and every time I turned around, it was like 'oh look, there's a loft up there, that's another huge chunk'. 'oh look, that's a downstairs.' 'Oh look, there's a wall of curtains over here and three or four little sleeping areas and that's- er, isn't that the neighbors'? Nope, that's ours too? okay...' it was reminiscent of that book 'House of Leaves'.

#2: I was working at Tower Records. I just had started. one of my coworkers (Jose, for those who know my coworkers) was showing me the ropes. It was pretty simple, even though everyone there was either coked up to the gills, or trying to get laid, or both.
#2a: It was then suddenly New Years' Eve, and everybody at the store went to the company New Years party. At which were (among many others) lemasquegris, randomlady. We counted down. Then I woke up.

#2b: I went back to sleep, and picked up with leaving the party. only outside of the party it was the first story of parking at Hillsdale Mall- the stuff near Restorations Hardware. And someone was breaking into the red car that was in my space! Shit! I shouted at him and he knocked off- then I realized it wasn't my car and I laughed, walking around it to find my own car (the red Subaru I drove 12 years ago) stripped practically to the frame. Guy started to take off, and I told him not to run because I was a marathoner, and even if he did get away I knew what he looked like and I had my cel phone right here (waving it around).
So I woke up.

Weird stuff.

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