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FTD stands for Fucked This Delivery (Part the First in what promises to be a Continuing Saga)

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FTD stands for Fucked This Delivery (Part the First in what promises to be a Continuing Saga)

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thwack (by lj-user twoflower)

I figure 'hey, I have summat of a beau, it would be appropriate to provide flowers on Valentine's Day'. So I go to ftd.com and place an order.
I place an order in the neighborhood of $70, figuring I'm paying for the fact that I am REALLY placing the order late.

The charge for the order turns up on my debit card statement the next day as 'pending'- cool! it's worked! I think. And then no, it vanishes- never turns up on the statement as a committed transaction.
well, shit, I say to myself- and make other arrangements.

Today, I check my statement.
did I get billed
the flowers were unseen by the resident of the appropriate address,
the charge placed on my card is $15 more than what FTD's website thinks they charged me.

I found their cunningly-hidden 'contact us' information on their website, and am currently on hold with their customer service line.

Hold time?
86:03 and counting.

The Fuck...

  • Damn. FTD sucks. Rip 'em a new one.
  • Christ. I'm so sorry.

    Did you use the employer discount dealie thing? We used to get discounts through a few big florists.
  • That's fucked up.

    The baby says: TALK TO THE HAND, FTD.
  • If your credit card company is any good, you can report this as a fraudulent transaction, and they should credit you the money and go beat on the merchant.
  • That is such booty! Kill! Kill!

    Flowers are the one thing to do online that always seems to get f'd up somehow.

    When I'm in the flowering mood I go to Not Just Flowers in the castro. 415-864-3134 They also deliver in the bay area. Until individual stores can host their own flower shop e-carts, it's scary to order them online.
    • Re:

      not just flowers uses FTD, though (I've seen the little sigil in their window).
      At least, they used to.

      The beau is in michigan, as well, which makes local delivery an impossibility.
      • Re:

        There are online yellow pages and telephone directories all over the place. Find a florist local to your beau (might take some mapquest use and/or calling around), call them directly to place the order. You save paying the FTD surcharge, and you get to talk directly to the people who will be preparing and delivering the thing.
  • They will be the first to die come the revolution!

  • Be Afraid, Be VERY afraid

    Be afraid of FTD.

    They have had holes numerous times that allowed anyone to view personal information about their customers.

    It seems that they are no longer running IIS, and fixed that problem, but I always assume anyone that incompetent will make the mistake again.
    • Re: Be Afraid, Be VERY afraid

      well there's my own personal little black ray of sunstroke. (chuckle).

      I wonder what they'll tell me about the extra $15.
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