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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
More fun with Amazon:

Today, my gold box contains the Freud SD208 8" Professional Dado.

...does this mean that a 7-incher isn't professional?

UPDATE: I didn't do the HTML right because I suck. See above. ;)
  • the?
    • Knowing colubra, I'd guess it's the professional 12" frog.
    • Re:

      Actually, it was the Freud SD208 8" Professional Dado- I screwed up my HTML.
      I comment down here because redshrike and cr0wgrll should get notifications as well.
    • Re:


      Do you have Mick Farren's Jim Morrison's Adventures in the Afterlife or James Blaylock's All the Bells on Earth? lyricagent would like to borrow them if they're borrowable for long planeflight.
      • Re:

        i have the latter, and have always meant to pick up the former. instead, i have necrom, which is wacky but probably not as good, by the same guy.

        since i still have your the stress of her regard and the scar and would be glad to loan you those bret fetzers (should you be interested) that i doubt are on hand at borderlands...you wanna meet for a swap? tonight's not so great (kung fu class), but tomorrow evening might work...
      • Re:

        Tomorrow's our option, then. ;) Gimme a jingle if it doesn't or does solidly work: I'll just stop by if I don't hear.
      • Reading old entries.

        So I have your copy of 'All the Bells' to return, and some other things as well that I forget offhand. I bought a copy of 'Jim Morrison's Adventures in the Afterlife', which is high on my to-be-read list. Once I finish, I'll let you know.
        • Re: Reading old entries.

          cool! for some reason, have stalled out on the john crowley, and have been carrying around the very quick read the hanged man by francesca lia block, which you're welcome to borrow if she's your cup of tea.
  • yeah... are you refering to something?
    • Re:

      I messed up my HTML: it's fixed above, now. It's the Freud SD208 8" Professional Dado.

      8" Professional Dado.

  • Freud brand 8" Professional Dado. OMG.
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