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Record Review

I seem to do a lot of posts about music I buy. This is sort of an interesting observation to me. Why do I keep doing these posts? What, do I think you people give a damn or something? I mean shit, it's nothing about me, it's nothing about my world, it's not...

That said, I got the new Robyn Hitchcock doublealbum titled 'Robyn Sings' (it's all Dylan covers), and the new Soft Boys album. What are the Soft Boys? Well.
Robyn Hitchcock and three other blokes were in a four-piece band called The Soft Boys. The Soft Boys broke up. And all three of these blokes have wound up on various Robyn Hitchcock albums (if you see an RH album that's by Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians, there's at least 2 of the guys on it). So they decided to do another Soft Boys album.

This sounds like a Robyn Hitchcock album. And yet it doesn't. The mastering puts the vocals a lot more behind the guitar and the keyboards. The guitar portions also really are played a bit more for center-stage, and the lyrics aren't as intrinsically outright bizarre as, say, 'If You Were A Priest', or 'Balloon Man'.
It's neat. I like it.

I haven't yet listened to the new Robyn solo album: part of me really fears it, the other part really looks forward to it. I hate Dylan singing. I like Dylan's songs, when someone else sings them. So I'm eager and yet afraid.

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