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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Shrieking laughter

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Shrieking laughter

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So I went to Amazon to see where something I bought was, and checked on the gold box offers.

There is something Deeply Wrong with naming your drill bit and router manufacturer Freud.


And I can't stop laughing.
  • Well sometimes a drill bit is just a drill bit...
  • That's fucking hilarious.
  • Bwahaha! I love it!

    One for the ladies...
  • Looking at that page made me think "I forget--what is 'shank' a euphemism for?" Finally (after looking in a couple of slang dictionaries), I realized it's not a euphemism for anything. It's just appears from that page that it should be.
    • Re:

      Shank means to stab around here. Which could easily mutate into something else.
  • Sort of reminds me of...

    ...when I had a job in Seattle as a receptionist at a construction site.

    The company was called Edifice Construction, right? So one day I quipped to the foreman, "you guys ought to open a demolition company and call it Edifice Wrecks". He looks at me for a second and says, "'cause wrecks are the opposite of construction, right? Yeah, that's pretty funny!"

    Uh... yeah.
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