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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Break from MUSHing

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Break from MUSHing

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Until further notice? I'm not there, don't expect that I will be. I'll probably pop on here and there, once a week or so (at least one place I've got an alt has policies which demand that), but I don't intend to waste anyone's time with my presence.

In other news, I bought a copy of The Sims for myself. Fun Fun Fun.

  • Watch me combine the two topics of this post neatly into one reply.
    • Re:

      I made four sims that were supposed to be perfect matches to each other, but they weren't. well, one of them wasn't. 3 of them got on just grandly, and the other one had negative ratings with all his housemates. So I killed him.

      First Sim I ever killed.
      Currently, in colubra Corners, see the wacky hijinks when Phillip gets to talking about magic with his neighbor Elden, and Ma Hick overhears them!
  • So, have you considered trying out Puzzle Pirates? ;)
    • Nope:

      I don't intend to spend more than about 50% of any given evening on the computer, and work has become busy enough I can't spend any real portion of a workday screwing around online.
      • Re: Nope:

        Thus the magic of Puzzle Pirates, where it's possible to just play for a couple of minutes. :)
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