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When did MUSHing become just for folks on the east coast?

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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When did MUSHing become just for folks on the east coast?

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thwack (by lj-user twoflower)
It seems that the only way, at this point, that I could have any sort of position of IC power- or even fit into RP at all on a MUSH- would be to reside somewhere east of the Mississippi, so that I'd be getting off work around the same time that Everybody Else does. I get home at 10 Eastern-- when everyone who's been on the game since they got home is going 'yawwwwn, time to go to bed'.

It didn't used to be this way. What happened?
  • Good lord. I'd never about what that 3 hour time shift would do to nationwide MUSHing...
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      but the thing is- it didn't used to. Maybe all us 30somethings who do it habitually are getting too old for staying up for RP.
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        Or perhaps they've been (overall) forced to work standard hours (i.e. earlier in the am) because of the change in job-climate...
  • ...it hasn't always been this way?

    Seriously, when I was first MUSHing (only back in 1995), I'd have to be up at bizarre hours to catch UK and East Coast people online if I wanted any significant degree of RP. There were a fair number of West Coast MUSHers at that point, too, though. These days I'd guess most of the WC folks have either dropped out of MUSHing or have gone back home to the EC.
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      back a bit earlier, one could find RP after getting home from work on Pacific time. now? Seems that everybody's closed up shop.
  • I think a lot of it is just that Mu* in general seems to be dying off. There's not nearly the influx of new players that there used to be, and a lot of the people who have been around a long time make it really intimidating for the few newbies who do show up.

  • (let me try posting that again, with the right name in the user tag this time)

    I play on hintofmalice, and my experience there has been exactly the opposite. It's still mostly East Coasters playing there, but they're all night-owls. I was actually glad to move two time zones to the west, because it means that I can actually catch the times when stuff is going on.

    • Re:

      Yes, I play there too. I'm sure that you have already heard terrible things about me though, as I don't get on particularly well with at least one person who is recently no longer on the game. :)
    • Re:

      Maybe it's just WoD.

      I don't have that problem on Brave and the Bold -- people are on twenty four hours a day.

      Then again, it's also winter.

      I imagine the RP floodgates will open up again when the spring comes.

      I know it's not really winter in the sunny California state, but you know what I mean.
    • Tease!

      Yes, I play there too.

      This is the part where you give me a hint, see.

      Saying that you don't get along with someone doesn't count, because nobody gets along with anyone :)
      • Re: Tease!

        I'd be the player who Joscelyn is convinced got her oathbroken (though I, in fact, had utterly nothing to do with how that went, and just heard about it second-hand and did a lot of wincing).
        • Re: Tease!

          Wow. I'm stumped. I thought I knew everyone who was involved in that imbroglio. (Course, if your claim of being completely uninvolved is true, maybe I do know everyone who was </i>actually</i> involved in it. :) )

          Just one more question then I'll shut up, honest. Have you and I ever played together?
          • Re: Tease!

            I think we've RPed in the same room at least once, maybe twice. Owen was rather more engaged with Joscelyn than anyone else present. If memory serves, Amelia and Owen were also glowering at each other now and again.
            ...which on reflection could be any number of scenes, huh.
  • It's not that way everywhere. Most of the games I frequent seem to have a Western orientation even now. Hell, most of my gaming friends still live out in that direction. (cough, poke)

    Play that character we've been talking about, the activity at that site is typically hopping when I go to bed. ;)
  • When I first got into MUSHing - everything was West-coast oriented. There were east-coasters, but they had to stay up laaate.

    When I left MUSHing (the second time) it seemed pretty middle-of-the-road.

    Now? I wallow in ignorance, though have recently idly thought of mushing again.
  • I find it to the contrary. I have to stay up until almost 3am in order to finish a scene with most people, and then I crawl in to work at 11am so I can get home at 8 and be in when my west coast buddies are getting home at 6 or 7.

    That's not to say there's nobody on during the day.. and I've had a few scenes while at work.. but..

    Frankly, I'm gettin' old.. and this staying up all night and not sleeping thing? Not so good. I just don't do it like I used to. The body, she shuts down around 2 or 3am and that's all I can take, and even that is late for most sane people with jobs.
    • Re:

      I am starting to think that may be it- as we get a little older, we nod off earlier. I certainly haven't stayed up 'till 3 AM in months, myself-- and folks out on the east coast may just not have the oomph to stay up that late, either.
  • *cough* The truth is... we're just avoiding you. >.> *runs*
  • I live in CST. However, I am a night owl, and my primary RP hours tend to be 10pm CST to 2am CST, after I get home from work, have some dinner, unwind, catch up on other stuff, and just basically settle. Sometimes I'm around earlier and can play with more Easterners. It would be those times that I don't have to run errands after work and I haven't gone into the Coding Zone on the perl script du jour. I have a job that doesn't require me until 10 am. I find that I play with a lot of West Coast people or fellow night-owls.

    I think I might gently suggest that people start to include their primary activity hours in the +prefs system of the game I frequent the most. Perhaps you might set yours there? A little bit of a +prefsearch turning up a list of, say, everyone with an activity pref and there's a nice listing of people who play in the time you're awake.

  • Just a note that it's after 11pm here on the east coast but there's 57 players logged on to Crucible City right now. So it's not a hard and fast rule.
  • I really wish more people in leadership positions were PST. :( Everyone's EST which means they hold events at midday-early afternoon my time, which makes attending hard because the same people usually hold things during the week. Which is a pain in the ass when you've got a politically-motivated PC.
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