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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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Furniture Porn.

It's the casual way that the desk lounges in the wheatfield, bereft of the accoutrements that would normally make up her wardrobe.

The incongruity of the exposed nightstand, holding the candlestick phone, beside the ancient barn.
  • Sounds like furniture snuff porn to me.
  • I love this picture of a room divider, with nary a room for miles.

    Surrealism is not dead, or if it is, it's been reincarnated in weird little webshops.
  • *bwahaha* Oh, too precious. As casually self-referential as the International Male catalog. *smirk* The night-table, especially so.

    At the risk of getting unfriended... *grin*: Your title reminded me a far less classy site by the same name (forwarded to me by a set designer who thinks everything is funny). The banner ads were the best part, with such cute names as Wild Wicker! and The Cabinet Cave ("Get in Our Drawers! File Us Under XXX!"). If you think you could possibly have a fetish for watching lawn chairs getting it on, go here, otherwise it's worth missing. (About what you'd expect from the folks who brought us the Furby Hooker Network (don't ask)...)
    • Re:

      hee, yes I've seen that.

      out there somewhere is a flash movie of two loveseats getting it on for a day, going nuts in the house, and then the home owner coming back and looking at them curiously like '...what the hell happened to YOU two?'
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