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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Beddage pictures

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Beddage pictures

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mucha mosaic
Since I found the frame I bought out there last night,
here is a pic.

If anyone has an idea as to where i can buy this nightstand, which seems to be as close a match to the bedframe as I can find, please let me know (the retailer site linked is out of stock on the item, which is out of production).

UPDATE: looks like I found the nightstand. Unfortunately, it costs about twice as much. Screw it, I'm ordering it.

FURTHER UPDATE: not that I get to HAVE it, apparently, NOBODY stocks it anymore, even though the manufacturer's retailer site sells it.

ADDITIONAL FURTHER UPDATE: the second retailer had the address wrong. I should be getting it after all.
  • That's a lovely set. Seems pretty reasonable, too, all things considered. *grin*

    I'm the special sort of idiot that falls in love with the frames modeled after vintage gates that run well into the thousands with all the special finishes on them. *cry* I would be better off finding a real gate and spraypainting the thing, at this rate.
    • Re:

      The real problem you have here is:
      most bedframes are either too skinny, or too wide to fit a gate well: wrought-iron or castiron gates are either wide enough for two horses abreast, or narrow enough to allow one to be the only person going through at the moment.

      There are some other frames on that site that are comparably inexpensive, and a little more classic in colouring. I just liked the rusty brown.
  • Ooh, so nice.

    Darn you, now you're making me want to get a real bed!
    • Don't envy me TOO much.

      I'm going to have to paint the nightstand to match the headboard, after all. The nightstand's this sort of cheesy-looking bronze wash; the headboard is rusty-cast-iron (reddish-and-black), with antique-gold castings at joins and bedknobs.
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    • Re:

      Bedframe & mattress, @ Sleep Train, were $1400 and some change (it was less than $1450, as I recall). I got a Sealy Posturpedic, and am in heaven. ;)
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