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Well, the new bed MUST be nice...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Well, the new bed MUST be nice...

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...seeing as how I just slept
(which is more than my prior record for the last 4 years), and don't really ache in my back, don't feel like my hip's out of joint, &c &c &c.

For those of you who are thinking 'Oh, I've got a junky old mattress that does the job I guess, I'll just stay with that'? Stop thinking that bullshit, get out there, and buy a new bed.
  • *grin* Congrats on the new arrival. Now you just need one of those sheet warmers for the sheets and you'll be all set. ;) Yes, I now swear by the damn things. There's very little better in the world than being dog tired, cold, and then crawling under already-warmed covers.
  • For those of you who are thinking 'Oh, I've got a junky old mattress that does the job I guess, I'll just stay with that'? Stop thinking that bullshit, get out there, and buy a new bed.

    Aye, Lord Moneybags, let us itty hence and buy a new bed. I consider myself a decadent capitalist because of the fact that I have a bed. There was a five-year stretch during which I slept on a sheet on the floor. And yes, I'm bragging. :) We used to live in a small shoebox in the middle of the road!
  • Congrats! (I think you earn grown-ups points for this.) And since I'm still burbling with delight over my own new nest, I heartily recommend fabulous new bedding to make the whole thang cozier. Enjoy the sweet decadence! ;D

    • Re:

      yeah- they got the new bed set up and I looked over at it and thought to myself 'wow... my bedroom looks like a grownup sleeps in it'.
  • I just recently discovered a corrolary to this too...

    A 100% goose down pillow is worth its weight in gold. Yes, they're relatively expensive but it's one of the best fifty bucks I ever spent.
    • Re:

      new pillows are definitely on the agenda. Despite the fact I just BOUGHT new pillows. They're a bit too squishy- I think. Further experimentation must happen.
    • Re:

      Despite sleeping on two pillows, I only needed to buy one. The down is relatively fluffy but cushioning. One really good pillow is better than two cheaper ones.
    • Hullo. God knows if you'll read this -- it's a ways back. Hopefully you've got e-mail notices turned on.

      Anyway. May I recommend these pillows if you find full-down pillows to be too squishy (and are still searching)? I splurged on a pair of them for my bed, and would write love haiku to them, if only I could write good haiku. The feather core gives them a bit of firmness, while the down makes them wonderfully malleable.

      I will also cross my fingers you're not an anti-IKEA fellow, and recommend the mid-weight down comforters they sell. They should be about $60-75 in the US (it was $99 in Canada) and it stays on my bed year-round. Marvelous thing.
  • I know. when I bought my new bed some years ago, I had the same reaction.

    To this day there are days where I have to force myself to get up because it's just. so. comfortable.
  • One of the things I most looked forward to about having this apartment was having a real, grownup, two-person-sized bed. Especially after Kai and I both having to share either a mattress on a board, or a thing which claimed to be a mattress and which was probably actually car parts, on top of really bad pseudo-boxsprings. The new bed cost nearly a month's rent, and it's worth every penny.
  • Hmm, I tend to sleep too much. Do you need a home for your old bed?

  • hoorah! many times over.

    see post later about happy couchness...and way too much sleep.

    thanks again, man.
    • And yay for you, too!

      As I told the hoptoad; I would've felt like a heel just throwing the poor thing to the curb after so many years of good service- and so much work. :)
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