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Define Irony.

And no, not in that Alannis Morrisette sort of sense of the word.

OSLO (Reuters) - President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair are among nominees for the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize before a Sunday deadline for nominations despite failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. (full story linked, @ reuters.co.uk).

What. The fuck??? I guess this is for saving us from all those skerry weapons of mass destruction? Or for overthrowing a government who had skerry weapons of mass destruction?

Peace, apparently, means something entirely different.

BTW, the only website I can find carrying this story that's a .com is called gulf-daily-news.com, which focuses on news from the Gulf of... anyone care to guess?

US reporting here? Nil.

UPDATE: okay, Wired.com knows about it now. Still. Ah-HEM, CNN? CBS? NBC? Fox? NBC, you Tool of the Liberal Media?


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