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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

I am bad for finding this funny, but it's damn funny.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

I am bad for finding this funny, but it's damn funny.

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You know, there are few pleasures in the world to compare with the pleasure of having Diamanda Galas on when your freakishly Christian coworker comes into your office to drop something off. Diamanda singing in Greek, at her most strident and accusatory and bereaved.
Said coworker is Chinese-American, and is freakishly Christian in the way that only a first-generation Chinese-American (yes, both his parents were emigres from China) can be. This is the coworker who it took about 20 minutes to describe a badger to. This is the coworker who had an involved and prolonged interrogatory conversation with me regarding the freshness of the milk in the refridgerator, to which he contributed 'there's a sign that says the milk is bad?' and 'Why does it say that?'.
And Over.

And he just walked into my office and stared at the speakers and said Utterly Nothing other than 'here's the documents I did yesterday'.

Hahahahaha. I am cruel... but I just can't stop snickering.

Oh, and the new album by Ms. Galas titled Deifixiones? Very good. For fans, think 'Saint of the Pit meets Greek, Armenian, Turkish and Middle-Eastern musical themes'. For non-fans, think of a 3-octave range examining all the themes above in four different languages, as a denunciation of the ruthless eradication of Armenian people which the Turks perpetrated from 1914 - 1923- and a denunication of the world's history which has forgotten about this entirely.

Disturbing shit, yeah, but let's face it; you don't LISTEN to Diamanda Galas for comfort, DO you.
I think this may, actually, be her most solid album yet, artistically. But good christ the reviews are funny.

'The thinking person’s Marilyn Manson, Diamanda Galas’ music makes the bleakest mid-'90s work of PJ Harvey sound sunny and optimistic.'

'This record has everything from, "blues to Byzantine scales," professes Galas, a Greek / American diva who wouldn't really look out of place at an Addam's Family bar-b-q.'

See, I can SEE the scene in Addams' Family Values with her in it, too.

'Oh, and this is Gomez's favorite cousin, Diamanda, Mr. Jones.'
'A pleasure to meet you, Diamanda.'
*aside* '...erm, Tourette's?'
*whispered* 'No! She's an artist.'
  • but let's face it; you don't LISTEN to Diamanda Galas for comfort, DO you.

    I wouldn't put it past my wife. And that's one of the many reasons I love her. :)

    We actually used part of Masque of the Red Death for episode 4 of kittypr0n. It works much better than one might think.

    • Re:

      I find a couple of Diamanda's tracks soothing- I find the Saint of the Pit album very enveloping and relaxing.
      Mostly, though, I find her challenging. Not simply the challenge of pointing a finger and shrieking 'J'accuse' at the apathy of the majority of humanity to the plight of one group or another- though this is a large part of her work, isn't it- but challenging in that she demands I re-think what 'art' and 'music' actually are. I have a basic assumption about what 'art' is SUPPOSED to be- and this, which is obviously 'art', is flying right in the face of it. So, then, what is 'art'?
      It's a very GOOD challenging.
      And how many musicians sing in 5 languages?
      I'd recommend 'Deifixiones' over the 'La Serpenta Canta' album, if the wife is trying to pick one to get first. 'La Serpenta' didn't do terribly much for me.
      • Re:

        Sherilyn has most of Diamanda's stuff, though I'm not certain which ones she's missing.

        On an amusing note, she can't play "The Thrill is Gone" from Malediction & Prayer at home because it freaks the kitties out. They start walking around with their ears turned backward (in that weird way that only cats and owls can do), looking like someone just walked across their grave.
        • More data

          Deifixiones and La Serpenta Canta both were released in 2003, on a non-domestic label, so they're a pretty substantive chunk of change to drop (ergo the icon choice).
          • Re: More data

            Hrm...I have a good friend in the UK, I wonder if he could find them at a more affordable price...
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