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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Saturday Oddity- With added bonus pix.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Saturday Oddity- With added bonus pix.

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mucha mosaic
So here is I, at a party at the house of some folks who are friends and/or mutual acquaintances. The blonde on the right would be aerinys, who I don't get to see enough of. The brunet at the left is Aviva, who I haven't seen enough of in years. The blue-haired fellow, Will, emanates a powerful sleep ray when vexed: if you think aerinys and I look tired, you should see the guy off-camera to the right: he's still in a coma. I am pleased by this photo of me. I look... well. I've been losing weight, and it shows. A very amusing party. Part of the party that amused me hugely was being mistaken for someone else by a cute fellow named Mark; this involved a large hug, and about 1/2 hour of this stranger following me around the party, bumming smokes, chatting me up a bit clumsily while I waited for a friend from where I lived to get out the door so I could head home. On reflection, I think Mark was hitting on me: misrecognizing me as Ethan who he knew from Burning Man seems unlikely. However, you can go here to see a photo of Mark-the-confused; he would be the gentleman having difficulty keeping his shirt on.
  • *blink* *blink* Is that Seth's Aerin?

    And you look -wonderful-. Very healthy, which is relieving to see. :)
    • That is indeed the same Ærin, to use the ligature instead of clumsy typing. And thank you! I've been doing a lot better over the last couple years, frankly. :)
  • (no subject) -
    • No Clown Sweater, thank god.

      It's a scarf featuring the head of Jack Skellington that I'm wearing, with leather trench over shoulders, and actually: I was sort of on my way out the door, having been up far too late that night. ;)
  • You do, indeed, look very well. I'm inclined to agree that the fellow was probably hitting on you; it would be difficult to mistake you for the near-shirtless gentleman. Sounds like a good party. :)
    • slight miscommunication:

      The near-shirtless gentleman is the mistaker, not the mistakee or the mistaken.
      I haven't the faintest idea who the mistakee was: I was mistaken for him, however.
      • Re: slight miscommunication:

        Aah. Forgive me. My reading comprehension skills aren't at their sharpest today. :)
  • Tres handsome. Good to see a picture of you that shows it.
    • Now was that a smirk or a smile?
      • My interpretation is that it's a slightly forced smile, coming from a tired person who wished to go home right now rather than pose for pictures while tired, but giving it a polite effort anyhow.
        • It's mostly a smile: as suggested above, it's an 'I am so tired' smile. I DID, however, actually want to still be there. I was just getting to be too unconscious for being there still.
  • You look fabulous, darling.
  • You look oddly rather like I had you pictured as looking.
  • hey, i wasn't able to find your e-mail address on your info page so I thought I'd leave you a comment.

    You told me you had a room divider that you would ever so kindly donate to my apartment...? I was supposed to get in touch with you like a week ago, but haven't had access to a computer. If you still want to give it up, either comment back or email me (pinkplasticflowers@hotmail.com) and we can figure out how to get it from your place to mine.


    • Oh my bad.

      Oops! Sorry about that: I thought it was on my info page for some reason. I'm colubra at livejournal dot com. I'll drop you a note tomorrow with more specifics; short version is that I'm on Divisadero not far from Geary, I'll be off work on Wednesday, and could get it over to ya then: I have a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond to do that day too, so errands are on the agenda. :)
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