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Stupid British journalists

The Mirror, britain's worst newspaper:


By Richard Gray

HARRY Potter author JK Rowling was yesterday "astonished" at claims her boy wizard is gay.

She is baffled after gay commentators said her novels are crammed with hints about the young wizard's sexuality.

Controversial US critic Michael Bronski sparked the debate by claiming the Potter novels mirror the experiences of young homosexuals.

And he pointed out the way Harry was treated as an outcast and forced to live in a closet by his "ordinary" relatives.

He said: "It struck me in the first few pages that here was a revolt against accepted, conventional life.

"A lot of gay people I know read the books that way and it really mirrors their own experiences."

Last night an official spokeswoman for JK Rowling refused to comment on the claims.

But a source close to the millionaire author said: "It is astonishing the interpretation people can put on something. There is nothing in these claims."

for my money- NO, I don't read that out of Harry's experiences. I do, however, see parallels to any kid who has something that makes him different- extra smarts, artistic ability, homosexuality. I think that, in fact, is part of why the books succeed so broadly: the author has invented a nice coded manner of discussing the feeling that you're the cuckoo's egg hatched in the whippoorwill's nest-- which is something we ALL remember, I think, from being teenagers. She's talking about it just vaguely enough- glancingly enough- that it makes Harry seem a bit more real to the reader.

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